Happy Yule Time…

Date: December 27, 2009

01) BC Link

I often have this memory, of being about…I don’t know…seven, or so, years old…back in my home town.

…As Xmas approached, we would set up the artificial tree, and decorate it…often to Xmas records, including The Chipmunks Holiday record…a record which still gets played today, for kids of a new generation.

I loved this time of year back then…

…The sky was pitch black, by seven o’clock…and walking down main street, you’d see the town lights and ornaments…Sometimes, we’d go out, for walks…down the lesser driven roads, in the cold…running ahead, grabbing up slab chunks of snow, and throwing them into the air…watching them smash…just because…that’s what little boys do.

It’s hard to say, exactly what I got that year…but, I cannot forget, the invincible feeling, of hyperactivity…and excitement…the euphoria of it all.

It’s funny, how some memories remain so vivid, even when a lifetime of “stuff”, seemingly falls away.

Happy IBLD, also…

I just wanted to say that.

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