Orphaned Response: Nuclear Family Encourages Incest

Date: December 27, 2009

A response in the comments section, at BayWords:

Hi piedpiper, so nice to see you here…

I would agree with that.

In many “primitive” cultures, the children would [or even still will] live with their parents, for only the first five or six years of their life…then they move out, and into a “community hut” for children and adolescents…where they intermingle, very intimately, with a much wider range of others.

In “civilized” cultures, especially where isolation triggered by social paranoia is rampant…we find a lot of kids being kept inside the family home, and spending most of their time with parents and siblings. It is a logical theory, that so much brother/sister [etc] incest occurs, largely on the basis that a sibling is available, convenient and known well enough to be trusted…and there seem to be no other alternatives.

The nuclear family model, actually seems to be more a foundation for incest, than anything that would dissuade it.

Thank you for your words, piedpiper…and happy IBLD to you, also!

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