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Empathy Over Social Fears and Combating Social Panic: An Orphaned Response…

Date: December 28, 2009

Responding to a commenter on my blog, while at Baywords

Welcome, Angela.

I wont attempt to refute what you’ve offered, because…it is, in fact, observed to be true, with actual sociopaths.

Of course, your manner of phrasing leaves your words open to interpretation, as to whether or not you are trying to imply, that “Joe is a sociopath”.

…to which I would be inclined to ask, “On what basis, could such a determination be made, when only a few phrases on a blog are offered by Joe?”

I don’t specifically “know” Joe…but, I’ve yet to see anything from him, that would make me believe he is a sociopath.

I don’t see Joe [nor myself, and many others in this same situation] “excusing himself”, nor refusing to take responsibility.

Speaking of associations I have made over the years, I typically witness just the opposite, in fact.

My apologies if I somehow misread, and thought you were implying something that you were not.

On a personal note, I would not even be blogging, or reaching out to the general public, if I did not feel a certain empathy over social fears, and a personal responsibility to address and combat social panic.

My efforts have been every bit as much for mankind, in general, as it has been for people who are like me. Populations are suffering from much ignorance and phobia, and that is not a healthy thing…for any of us.