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Orphaned Response: It Might Not Be Abuse…

Date: December 8, 2009

You “do” enjoy being the devil’s advocate, don’t you?… 😉

The factual cognition of the child, as used here, refers to their understanding of what is happening, and how they personally relate to it.

Of course, trickery can occur in most any situation…and I left the post vague, so that it does not refer to any specific activity.

…It just expresses a general need, and importance, in respecting the child’s own experience, as a sentient being…and placing value upon their experience.

If the child’s finger gets slammed in a door, and they scream and cry…their experience and memory of it is valid.

If the child gets “attacked by the tickle monster”, and they laugh and think back upon it with happiness…their experience and memory of it is valid.

Their own cognition is the same, even if they are naive about conflicting worldly influences.

It does kind of pose an interesting question, however…

…If the child forever remains ignorant to those other influences, or consistently rejects them upon discovery…

…what does that say about their meaning, and validity, to the child?…and can tangible abuse be demonstrated, against such a backdrop?

Of course, a lot of us have argued that the reasons behind cognitive reprogramming, are that of bigotry and sexual intolerance…and, hence, they lack a solid standing, which could ever deserve unquestioning adherence and respect.

Many others [most notably amongst the anti groups], have cited the very existence of said bigotries, and concerns of steering the children away from such social hostilities, as “valid reason enough”, to stifle all alternative viewpoints…and it has been used as an intended “debate breaker”, for decades.

The quagmire, is that anything which cannot represent itself outwardly, and in the flesh…will never get fair, humane treatment in society.

Some Real Doozies [An Orphaned Comment Response]…

Date: December 8, 2009

Yes, true…but, George is not the only celebrity to come out, and report positively, on losing his virginity to an adult, at a young age…

I believe it was Danny Bonaduce, of “The Partridge Family” (1970s) fame, who once talked very openly to the media, about losing his virginity to a groupie [an adult woman], backstage at the studio…she had originally wandered back, hoping to have sex with David Cassidy…but, he wasn’t there…so, she decided that a 12 year old (or there abouts) Danny, was quite good enough.

He’s on public record, somewhere, as saying it was a very positive experience.

I wish I had a copy of that…and links…Maybe I should do a web search.

There’s also the occasional stories, like those of celebrities who turn out gay, and talk vividly to the media, about their sexual attractions, even when they were really young.

Many people who discuss such things, simply are not famous…and they only discuss it in private conversation, amongst trusted company.

As to it being gross, well…

In the history of some cultures, it was typical for mothers to take their pubescent boys to bed with them [for a period of time, anyway], as a sort of sexual education, and initiation…I should not even mention this, as I have no links to provide, nor do I remember many sources to quote…but, I’ve seen both art [painting] depicting it, and am aware of at least one movie [“Love, Strange Love”, I believe it is titled] where such a practice is represented between two characters [mother and son].

…but, the point is, a lot of things have found acceptance, under various circumstances and in different cultures, that might be frowned upon by many cultures today.

Whether or not it is “gross”, is more a statement about how one views human sexuality.

The original reason why incest of that nature was banned, is because of legal/social obligations, and keeping an individuals responsibilities clear. It is the same reason, why sexual infidelity was not tolerated amongst commoners, in the past…There was no [or little, but not reliable] way to tell, who the children belonged to, and who would have to raise and pay for them.

An additional reason came about, when it was discovered that incest presents a tiny increase, in chance of birth defect and retardation.

Everything else that “rains hellfire down” on the head of incest, is just stigma and taboo…and ignorance, of the rather unremarkable “dangers” of incest.

Of course, if people started doing it in masses…it might become an issue…and I acknowledge that. But, what we factually know about consensual incest, typically gets blown out of context.

I am not saying that incest is either “ideal”, or “entirely uncomplicated”…but, a lot of people have found themselves in circumstances where it does, mutually happen [kid cousins, is a typical one]…It was fun, meaningful…and they moved on with life, without looking back on this, as though it were a proverbial “train wreck”.

My experiences [and I’ve also known a few people involved in such things], is that trying to label many [or all] such people as “survivors”, or “victims of abuse”, is purely a political stunt.

It is not based in fact, as representative of how the primary participants experienced it.

I am not a huge proponent of incest, mind you…

…but, I do know well enough about it, to say with conviction, that it suffers many of the same social stigmas, and maltreatment, as various other sexual orientations…including Child Love.

For the record, I do regard incest as a natural phenomena…even if it is not culturally convenient.

The whole paradigm, that parents [and other blood relatives] have absolutely no sexual attraction to their own children [cousins, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, etc], is an absurd myth.

It happens a lot more frequently, than most people are brave enough to admit.

It is also harmless, and even good, far more often than most people are brave enough to admit.