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Stop Vigilante Violence and Websites Act of 2010?

Date: January 31, 2010

01) Stop Vigilante Violence and Websites Act of 2010?

“This Act is a response to the recent increases of vigilantism both online and in the real world. Over 190 murders have been committed against those accused or convicted of sex crimes, and 40% of registrants and their loved ones have experienced acts of vigilantism directed against them.”

If nothing else, there is a bit of interesting summarizing there…

…and it’s illuminating [though not at all surprising], how often “perverted justice” and azu are mentioned, in the comments of petition signers.

Not sure how exactly I feel about such an “act”…I think, anything promoting censorship, is dangerous in it’s own right.

…but, having been targeted, threatened and chronically harassed myself [by people associated with pj and azu, and a group of psychotic idiots on YouTube], I do have to admit…something should be done, when people cross a line; and start in with the cyberstalking, and terrorism.

The person who initiated that petition, I am pretty sure, is not amongst the group(s) who are friendly towards “us”…but, those groups are often a source of interesting information, even when they are hostile.

I just thought I’d pass this along, as some might appreciate it.

The Sex Panic Delusion…


Date: January 31, 2010

I am forever left in wonder, and perplexity, wherever I find people bemoaning the “apathy” and “inactivity” of the world around them; as relates to “child sex abuse” (CSA).

I think to myself…”What planet is this person living on?”…

Anyone with even the smallest amount of interest to look into it, cannot avoid learning the ugly truth…

…that most cultures seem to have gone totally insane, with “sex abuse” panic. So much so, that we cannot even have a real conversation, about what we actually know about childhood sexuality, without some lunatic hyperventilating, becoming vulgar with hate, threat and abuse [or even just lies upon lies]; and going berserk.

There are many sadvocates [people who call themselves “advocates”, yet they spend their lives attacking, working to dominate others, spreading lies, hate and sometimes violence] out there, who are living in a delusional “la la land”; and they do not have their heads in reality.

Of course, it should be kept in mind…

…Their cries of outrage, at you [and anyone else] “doing nothing”, or “not caring”…is nothing more than an extension of their own hate, and disgusting propaganda.

Shame on them!


A Quote…

Date: January 31, 2010


January was obviously a “banner” month, here at Our Love Frontier…

So, let’s kick the post number up to an even 20, with this short quote…

“He who would hunt monsters should take care lest he too become monster… For when one gazes at length into the abyss, it too gazes into you.” – Friedrich Nietzsche.

This speaks quite pointedly, to all those hate filled people out there, who are actively spreading lies; and “hunting” Child Lovers.

I’ve seen this happen, oh so many times…

Someone assaults me [and the world] with their ignorant vitriol, and I am left to say…

…”Look in the mirror…The monster is not me…It is you.”

Documenting the Deed…


Date: January 27, 2010

This is a post I made somewhere, probably out on the “normal” internet…I don’t know if it remained uncensored, or not…but I kept a copy of it…and I’m glad I did.

Many people are uncomfortable with the pictorial, or video, documentation of childhood sexuality. I will admit, in this current social climate, there is no easy answer…

…but, I would never call child pornography “evil”, or outright “bad”, just because it exists.

There have been some good points made in this thread, and amongst them…the overwhelming majority of people, do not have adequate exposure, or experience with, the actual thing in question; whenever they offhandedly condemn child pornography.

Calls for outright prohibition, and outrageous penalties, come from a stance of grossly incompetent ignorance…There is really no justification, for such unfitting reaction.

There is also the practical side of this…that looking at a picture, or watching a video [or holding them in your possession], should never be treated as a “crime”, itself…It is alarmingly dangerous, that things have been allowed to deteriorate to such a point. This is a virtual license, to commit holocaust like expulsions from society, against various sexual minorities.

It is my opinion, that if most people actually got to see, and learn about, the realities of child pornography, to an extent that gained them competent knowledge…then bias against it could no longer be seen as justified. A lot of people would be wondering, what all the fuss has been about.

People react to child pornography, not for what it is…but, for the “phantom menace” which has been painted in their own mind; by “authority” figures, who wont even allow others to explore and discover it; without threat of aggressive and hostile retribution.

People react out of an emotional sense, that something they don’t understand “must be horrible”…and “poor children must be suffering”.

I cannot say that never happens…but, it is not the rule…

There are reasons why people parrot the cliche talking point phrases, whenever they go on a rant about “child pornography”; as though they’ve been given a script, and a cue.

They don’t know how else to categorize it, because their own personal exposure to it is bankrupt…They only have what others tell them about it, to go on when making any kind of opinion.

It reminds me an awful lot, of how people often, effortlessly and without thought, proclaim that the bible, or koran, is “a beautiful book”…out of some sense, that they are obliged to pay them this tribute…It is cultural…and people often do this, even when they, themselves, have barely picked up or read either book.

…I have to say…at best, either one is a very mixed bag…but, people are conditioned to talk in glowing terms, about these texts…and it’s thought to be a foul profanity, to hold either one up, to the acid test of critical analysis…and dare I say, condemn any part of them as vile or unethical [even when, if such things depicted within them were to happen today, they would be considered horrible and evil].

People typically react in “just such” a manner, for the simple reason…that everyone else around them is behaving in that way.

It is all to easy falling into that trap, because it is hard to stand alone for something.

Last, I just wanted to express…If it is beautiful in the flesh…then it should be beautiful in preserved documentation.

Is there really anything immoral about naked children, sexually loving one another on film? Is there really anything immoral, about admiring it?

100 years from now…is anyone going to care in the least, that so much busybody zealotry, and hostile aggression, went into making the lives of anyone who had anything to do with these pictures, a living hell?

You see…we are dealing with a cultural stigma, here…a paradigm…

…a sexual superstition…something to scapegoat.

…and that is not objective reality, nor is it a healthy way to approach, and deal with, issues of social diversity [such as human sexuality is].

We need to be able to step back, out of the fog of indoctrination…and see the entire picture for what it is.

Child pornography panic is a “jim crow”…It spawns from a larger, Victorian style, aggression towards all expression of human sexuality…and deep seeded intolerance, of sexual diversity [often born from organised religion].

Fact is…an unimaginable amount of “stuff” in this world gets caught by a camera…some of it gets called “child pornography”…some of what has taken place, is factually abusive…some of it is not.

How any child/teen approaches and experiences such a thing, has everything to do with the variables of the situation, and how they have come to think about their own body and sexuality.

I don’t believe in outlawing, something which is naturally healthy and beautiful.

…but even if it were an ugly, hideous thing being captured…I still do not believe in outlawing it, anymore than I believe in outlawing the possession of pictures, depicting murdered Jews during the holocaust.

Not having these kinds of pictures and movies, is going to do nothing to stop the orientation…nor is total deprivation going to do anything, to slow down the hunger and drive.

If anything…for me, anyway…

…after coming online, and going through all those speedo, and nudie newsgroups [and other things I will not admit to] years ago…it has removed the mystique…and given me a much more practical vision, of the average boys anatomy…They are not all fantasy, “super models”…

It was a healthy progression, which “I” needed to experience…It helped me get through some issues, and move on. It also gave me invaluable knowledge, which others cannot deny from me today.

Something like that should not be hidden…and it is my educated opinion, that child pornography is just as ethical, as adult pornography.

What needs to go extinct, is our social paradigm saying “you are damaged goods, if you have anything to do with pornography”.

Pornography, itself, is value neutral.



The First Ever, Open BoyLover President of the United States of America?

Date: January 26, 2010

01) YouTube Video

You know, I have an uneasy kind of appreciation [and respect], for Ron Paul.

He is a darling of the conservative, christian base, and especially loved by the more extreme groups…like the people who believe that “christianity supersedes government”.

I’ve seen plenty enough about Ron Paul, to know that he is a bigot; and if he ever attained the office of U.S. presidency, he would pose a significant danger to sexual minorities…in my opinion.

I’ve personally heard him in interviews, on more extreme shows [where conspiracy theories run rampant], talking about “the gay agenda”; and making it clear…he is no friend to sexual minorities.

In fact, he is a proponent of the “christian”, nuclear family model…and shows little tolerance, for anything else.

It is for this reason, that Ron was targeted, and set up in a mock interview, filmed for the movie “Bruno”…and I found Mister Paul’s words, as he was storming out of the hotel, to be quite revealing…though, not at all surprising.

I have never voted for Ron Paul, and on a humanitarian basis, I cannot ever see myself doing so.

…so, why is it…

…that the only person in government talking frankly about the U.S. economy, has got to be Ron Paul?

I’ve known this for years…and yes, Ron Paul makes quite good sense, when it comes to discussing what is wrong with U.S. economic policy.

On a personal level, it really makes me sick…to ponder the notion that one would “have to” vote for Ron Paul, in order to get anyone into a position, that “might” actually save the USA, economically.

I am not up for trade offs…

…Pedosexuals have relented, and given up far to much ground, already…More losses, are not acceptable.

Why cant we have a sane person, who is out there speaking like this?…Why cant we have dozens of them?…or hundreds?…or thousands?

Am “I” going to have to get involved in politics, myself, if I want to see anything sane accomplished in government?…

…Should it become my life ambition, to become the first ever, open BoyLover, to serve as the U.S. president?

…anyone out there want to make history?

Hmmm…Could It Be So?…

Date: January 26, 2010

01) This would be more amusing, if it did not seem so true…

A pun of Barack Obama…

You know, I was talking with a friend the other day…politics and the disgraceful state of our economy came up.

I was just saying, if Obama was even remotely serious about stopping the economic hemorrhage, and allowing the USA to make a healthy recover…then he would repeal several of the “free trade” laws enacted by Bill Clinton, and all the “wealthy, corporate free for all” monstrosities unleashed by George W. Bush…He would also put tariffs on imports, back into their rightful place…

Is Obama serious, about recovering our economy and bringing back stable jobs, with living and prosperous wages?…

…Obama has not uttered a mere peep, about any of these fundamental vitalities, which are required to get the USA into recovery, and back on track.

His silence speaks volumes.

Articles That Expose The Misdeeds of Antis and Watchdog Groups…

Date: January 25, 2010

“Are there any good articles online that you could point me to which specifically probe and expose the misdoings of the major child protectionist charities/ watchdog-groups???”

Hi John,

I would strongly recommend that you do pose this question at Newgon, and maybe at BoyChat [].

There is no neatly edited book that I am aware of, which consolidates all of this. However, it is more of an abusive and threatening pattern, which becomes clear; wherever one consciously pays attention.

I mean, we can talk about a number of things, including the “satanic sexual abuse” panic which was rampant during the 80’s and 90’s…being both propagated and exploited by Dr. David Finkelhor [a shill for the right wing, christian conservative base, who is put forward as a “top expert” on child sexual abuse; who holds a lot of political sway in the USA; and who profits from the social panic he invented]. Finkelhor is a “yes” man, for conservative camps who are aggressive towards sexual minorities. He knows his methods of research are unsound, but he still uses them; because they produce the kind of “findings”, which his backers want produced.

While I know there have been some expose articles written about this [perhaps by Debbie Nathan], I am hard pressed to give you any links.

One of the most egregious spectacles in recent history, is that surrounding the manner in which “The Rind Report” got dragged through the mud; had it’s character assassinated and got condemned by [an astonishingly ignorant] U.S. congress.

You can find some interesting reading about this, here:

Still more can be found here: [there are many articles cited/linked, here]

Also, if you pay any attention to these things, you may have noticed a substantial increase over the years, in news stories which address very young children being charged with “sex crimes”, being convicted and sentenced to some punishment, and being placed on “sex offender” registries…over things which are patently absurd, and clear cases of gross over reaction, and hostile intolerance.

Another case of interest, is that of Judith Levine, who is a very accomplished, highly respected researcher on human sexuality. When she tried to get her book “Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children from Sex” published, several years back, she went to several dozen publishers and got rejected; before the University of Minnesota accepted her work; despite being under the hostile threat, of conservative christian groups.

This has happened to various works [books], which the organised groups of conservative, religious zealots have not wanted published. Just like how they boycott Disneyland for “gay day”, they have a history of banding together, in order to pose a threat and campaign of harassment, against any publisher who would “dare” to publish something they do not approve of. Unfortunately, while Walt Disney may be able to shrug it off, many publishers are small businesses…and they cannot afford serious disruptions.

Some people who behave like this, will surface in places like; in the “book reviews” section; bemoaning “their disgust, that amazon would carry anything like this” [though almost never giving an actual review of the book; likely they never read]; and saying they will not buy from; or will do other things to hurt’s business.

Of course, if you have been around and engaged in this topic for a long time, then you understand…censorship is rampant…censorship on many levels, and in many places.

I don’t have any easy list of links to give you, however. My knowledge and experience, comes from what I have picked up [and repeatedly recognised] over many years.

Much of the problem is a combination of mass ignorance, stigma and stereotyping, over which the typical person is not going to perceive what is wrong…because, “that’s just the way things are”; and they have only been given a limited amount of information to form an understanding with; while being indoctrinated into a socio-sexual paradigm. Very much like religion, it causes them to fear and reject, anything that challenges the paradigm.

When we add in the powerful variable, that christian conservatives are very well organised; and hence very politically powerful; if “feeling wrong, about going against the dominant paradigm” does not keep people quiet, then the intimidation of an angry campaign of harassment, by the organised religious will often get the job done.

Consequentially, most of the writing/speaking out that gets done, is by those within the persecuted minority; who are fed up and cannot take it anymore. In fact, this really is the stage, where we are at today. Nearly all of this kind of expression and exposure, will come from within our own groups…but, rarely will it be broached by “outsiders”.

I’m sorry that I’ve not been of much help…but, I can point you in some general directions where you may find some things of interest… [This content has moved, to the address below.]

You might also be interested in knowing, that “Perverted Justice” [the exact same group, which Dateline NBC contracted for it’s “To Catch a Predator” series], is officially listed as a “cult or dangerous group”, by the Rick A. Ross Institute [ ].

Here is also a YouTube video of “Xavier Von Erk” [Philip John Eide], who started “perverted justice”…He is being confronted [by a well accomplished reporter, who he had been avoiding], at one of his so called “seminars”.

Here is more “perverted justice” content:

Here is a related, YouTube search:

Now, granted, “perverted justice” is a group of loosely affiliated sociopaths; who basically do what they please, while holding no official authority…However, they have attained some level of media, and social, status…They are a good example, of a bottom feeding, dogmatic group of psychologically unbalanced, abusive and arrogant “cowboys/girls”, who behave in a manner that is criminal; while under the false presumption of “fighting child molesters”. Some of them feel, that wrapping themselves inside such a “flag”, renders them immune to all consequence, no matter what they do; because “nobody is going to defend a pedophile, or step in to stop perverted justice members”.

There are a lot of things I am sure you can find, if you just keep looking.

Lastly, I do archive a lot of content which I find online…but, I am more of a “pack rat”; who had loftier intentions but not the energy/time to follow through….Consequentially, I’ve probably got at least a few thousand web pages [and articles] on my hard drive…If it were an easy task, I would try to track down a couple of really good articles; which I know I’ve got somewhere [but I don’t remember the titles].

I hope some of these things help.

The USA…Is It Okay?…

Date: January 22, 2010

Let me echo words, which have been offered many times over…

In U.S. politics, it is the easiest thing in the world, to declare war on Iraq, and spend upwards of a trillion dollars; wreaking mass death and destruction…and sending our young over there, to die.

…yet, it is the hardest thing for the same people, to figure out a way of funneling the billions of dollars it would take, into a universal health care plan for all U.S. citizens?

We can throw money at murdering and maiming people, and destroying their homes, without a care in the world…

…but we cannot even invest a fraction of that kind of money, in health and life; right here at home, where relief is so desperately needed right now?

What kind of a sick joke, is this world we are living in?

Are we honestly more interested in murder and death, than we are in health and life?

This video says a number of things…

Date: January 19, 2010

Of important interest, is the truthful fact, that Obama was [indeed] voted in, on the expectation that he would be a president of the people, and he was going to break the monopoly on U.S. government/politics, by the wealthy.

As it turns out, It seems Barack is actually pandering to the wealthy, while giving lip service to the majority of U.S. citizens [who are the ones, which desperately need relief, right now].

Barack’s approval numbers are falling…fast.

…but, is this any surprise?