Dylan “Jesus Christ” Thomas?…[Oh My!]…

Date: January 6, 2010


Dylan Thomas was the longest sitting, recognized webmaster in BoyChat’s history. Unbeknownst to the BoyChat community, he was also a fugitive of the law, well before he even joined our community. He concealed this fact, while setting about working his way into positions of responsibility on BoyChat. He continued to conceal this fact, even after having been placed on the FBI’s “ten most wanted” list.

When they finally found and captured him…most BoyChatters were blindsided by this bombshell…


…Suddenly certain long term comments you’d normally attribute to sour grapes between posters, started to make sense in a whole other way…And one of the deepest problems at BoyChat became clear…Individuals were in positions of responsibility, who put themselves and their own egos ahead of BoyChat, it’s community and Free Spirits…And there were at least a few other people, who new about what was going on with Dylan…Yet they, at best, were complicit in the concealment.

Dylan was hiding behind the “protection” of BoyChat…and whatever few people were trying to oust him, couldn’t warn the rest of the community without being censored…possibly banned…for their effort.

Many individuals from BoyChat’s history poured a lot of themselves into BC and FS…And given our own intertwined lives with these resources…we not only had a right to know about this…we had a right to demand, and witness the stepping down [or removal] of Dylan Thomas from all positions of responsibility on BC and FS.

In all fairness to BC and FS…I am certain they were also blindsided with this complex problem…It probably took them some time to determine the truth…Then it took some time, to decide what to do about it…The problem is…it seemingly just languished, without anything being done…and the plan appeared to be simply keeping things silent.

…It eventually blew up in everybody’s face…most of whom had no knowledge of what was going on…and no forewarning, on what was about to happen.

The article I am responding to, below…was a hatchet piece…It was yellow journalism.

The fiasco with Dylan Thomas was, in my opinion, one of the worst blows BoyChat [and Free Spirits] ever sustained…It ushered in a very long era, where things devolved into a real form of chronic illness and wasting away…dereliction of guideline and rule enforcement…protected people, laying siege to BoyChat…It’s left BoyChat the shell of itself, that it is today.

BoyChat has never recovered.

My Original Response:

They’re really spreading it on, mercilessly thick in this “news article”.

Either they are not talking about BoyChat, as being the website in question [where Jon was webmaster], or someone is pulling a lot of “facts” out of their own behind.

I don’t know where this “great following” was at…but, I have never envisioned Dylan Thomas as being my “savior”, in any sense of the words meaning.

…In fact, I largely ignored him.

It was nothing personal, of course…but, like a number of others, I did not see his posts as being all that monumental…Some of them were good reading, but…it was a mixed bag [in all fairness, the same could be said about myself, I suppose].

Also, having been so close to the position of BC webmaster, myself, at one point in time…I am substantially less “wowed”, at attaining such accolades…especially in the post “Happy Camper” [another former BC webmaster, from several years back] era.

It speaks volumes, that he has been gone for what?…a year now?…

…and they have not bothered to replace him, at BoyChat.

No, Jon was a person with personal problems, living in a cruel and hostile world, and he made some bad decisions.

I will not throw stones, because I understand what it is like to be a BoyLover, and walk this path every day of my life.

But, let’s get real here…

Jon may have had his “behind the scenes” click of friends…but, he was never any sort of “kingpin messiah”, amongst BoyLovers.

The guy was another person, amongst many of us…and if he was involved in trading child porn, then it had nothing to do with BoyChat, or Free Spirits…and he would have had no business, intertwining himself with the business of BoyChat and Free Spirits.

As I see it, Jon is guilty of a few things, for which he should rightly answer.

One, you don’t put yourself over as “reformed”, making promises that you refuse to keep, to people who have taken you in and offered you a second chance at life [it sounds like he had a lot of potential, there]…

If there was not already enough motivation to keep out of trouble, and rebuild his life at that point, then…good grief!…

Perhaps he deserves “The Darwin Award”…and it is most unfortunate, that people who could have done something had they known, were in the dark all along.


…I try to avoid saying, “if that were me, I’d have […]”…

…but, I have to tell you, it is my most sincere opinion, that Jon should have put BoyChat and Free Spirits ahead of his own ego, when weighing importance.

He should not have assumed the role of BC webmaster, and he should have stepped down quietly, after getting on the FBI’s “ten most wanted” list [regardless of what a festering, crock of goat droppings, that situation may have been].

Of course, he should have stepped down for other reasons, also…not the least of which, was his inability to stay connected to the internet, and in contact…sometimes absent for months on end.

Really, he should have had the sense, and respect, to step down.

This is one thing, I can honestly say, that I would have done for BoyChat [and Free Spirits], had I have ever been named a full fledged webmaster.

People can say whatever they like, about my time and actions, while amongst the lofty positions at BoyChat…they can speculate that I would have been incompetent, and horrible as an official webmaster…

…but, I always thought much to highly of our group, our resources, and what we had there on BoyChat…and I always loved and respected the population of BoyChat to much, to ever allow that sort of thing to happen to them, while on “my” watch.

I would have removed myself from the game, long before any chance arose, that BC and FS could be dealt another black eye.

Dylan and I are very different…

…which is probably the main reason, why we were never friends…and never really knew each other.

I don’t stand in judgment of him [more sorrowful pity, than anything]…but I do recognize, that he is now paying for a list of personal, bad decisions and actions, of his own doing.

I am reminded of what a friend recently expressed to me…It went something like…”Yes, I feel bad that some BL’s are good people, and life has screwed them over, but if they will not learn, move on and live in a way that respects the dangers presented to all of us [BL’s and others, alike], then sometimes, there is nothing you can do, except turn, and go your own way”.

I feel sorry for Dylan, in an empathetic way…but, I still see him as being the one, who controlled his own fate.

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