The First Ever, Open BoyLover President of the United States of America?

Date: January 26, 2010

01) YouTube Video

You know, I have an uneasy kind of appreciation [and respect], for Ron Paul.

He is a darling of the conservative, christian base, and especially loved by the more extreme groups…like the people who believe that “christianity supersedes government”.

I’ve seen plenty enough about Ron Paul, to know that he is a bigot; and if he ever attained the office of U.S. presidency, he would pose a significant danger to sexual minorities…in my opinion.

I’ve personally heard him in interviews, on more extreme shows [where conspiracy theories run rampant], talking about “the gay agenda”; and making it clear…he is no friend to sexual minorities.

In fact, he is a proponent of the “christian”, nuclear family model…and shows little tolerance, for anything else.

It is for this reason, that Ron was targeted, and set up in a mock interview, filmed for the movie “Bruno”…and I found Mister Paul’s words, as he was storming out of the hotel, to be quite revealing…though, not at all surprising.

I have never voted for Ron Paul, and on a humanitarian basis, I cannot ever see myself doing so.

…so, why is it…

…that the only person in government talking frankly about the U.S. economy, has got to be Ron Paul?

I’ve known this for years…and yes, Ron Paul makes quite good sense, when it comes to discussing what is wrong with U.S. economic policy.

On a personal level, it really makes me sick…to ponder the notion that one would “have to” vote for Ron Paul, in order to get anyone into a position, that “might” actually save the USA, economically.

I am not up for trade offs…

…Pedosexuals have relented, and given up far to much ground, already…More losses, are not acceptable.

Why cant we have a sane person, who is out there speaking like this?…Why cant we have dozens of them?…or hundreds?…or thousands?

Am “I” going to have to get involved in politics, myself, if I want to see anything sane accomplished in government?…

…Should it become my life ambition, to become the first ever, open BoyLover, to serve as the U.S. president?

…anyone out there want to make history?

2 thoughts on “The First Ever, Open BoyLover President of the United States of America?

  1. James

    I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t run for president. If they voted for Trump, why wouldn’t they vote for you? I’d even do free online campaign work for you if you ran.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Thank you, James…

      I fear the closest I will ever come to running, is embodied in my intended 2016 presidential spoof.

      …I won the “election” [aka Twitter poll]…but, life has been kind of crazy, and I’ve not made any further installments…yet…


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