The Pope Doesn’t Do Equality?

Date: February 26, 2010

I’m going to get a bit leachy, here…and link to an interesting post, which Viamund the Rake made on his blog.

It seems, the pope [Benedict XVI] doesn’t like social equality, wherever the church has to cramp it’s own stile, in order to accommodate it.

Is it “equal rights”, to allow the catholic church to discriminate against homosexuals, when this is a long held tradition of the catholic church?

Apparently, the pope thinks so, because “equal rights to religious beliefs”, is his spin on all of this.

Someone should explain to him, that his church is not above cultural laws…and cultural laws are [usually] written, with the majority interest in mind.

01) The Story

This is one of those curious conflicts that arise, when a country has a state religion, and no separation of church and state [which, I’ll readily admit, even in the USA, does not truthfully exist either…not in practice].

A similar issue arose, back when I was in elementary school, at a private, baptist school. As a church, they had some sort of tax exempt status…but, equal rights laws were making advances, and this greatly troubled the church…because new proposed requirements, would force them not to discriminate, based upon all sorts of criteria, including sexual orientation.

They were outright suggesting to us, that they would “be forced to” hire a homosexual, and let him/her work amongst us kids, if such a person were to apply to work there.

This was just the absolute worst thing, in their minds…and some kind of “tragic crisis”.

Of course, it blew over…

…but, once I had the chance to step back, and critically analyze it…I never understood what made them think, that any self respecting homosexual would ever want to subject themselves, to the abusive environment of that church/school.

Who is going to apply, and stick around, at any place where they were so clearly reviled and not wanted?

Alternatively, shouldn’t they have wanted “the sinner” there, amongst us…where they could “love” and convert him/her?

I guess, their homophobia [and sex-phobia] was the more pressing issue, here.

Ah…my boyhood schooling…the stories I could tell…

Believe me…No church should ever be allowed, to own it’s own school full of children…ever.

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