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A “Rape World”…

Date: March 9, 2010

01) YouTube Video

I fear the creator of this video may have gotten too much grief from the response it garnered…She made it private. My response is still relevant to a lot of what is going on today, however.

There are so many things that I could pick up on in this video, and respond to…

…but, I wanted to just say a bit about one or two of them.

One, is the statement that “we live in a rape world”, and explaining this means…women and children are constantly vulnerable to rape…

The other being, “men having a sense of entitlement, to the bodies of women and children”…and the issue of objectification, maybe also.

Firstly, her comments on our “rape world”, I think really hit home, on why there is such a great divide…and on why there are such distorted views, on what male sexuality is, or what it has the capacity to be.

This young lady appears to be of the mind, that women and children live under constant threat to their person, simply on the basis that it is conceivably possible, they could get raped…and anytime, they least expect it.

If you are constantly on guard, for the male who is going to rush in and rape you [even if this person is just a phantom in your mind], I can see where this would be a serious psychological, and emotional, problem. I can see where it would cloud the clarity of a persons judgment.

Next, as to objectification and entitlement…

…It is times like these, while listening to another feminist diminish male sexuality, and dismiss it to some…simplistic, dominating, unempathetic and dare I say “predatory”, category…something easy, to stuff in a mental box, where nobody has to confront the beautiful, desirable and multifaceted values it possesses…

…yes, it is times like these…that I have to inform such people, just how soundly they lack any understanding, of my own sexuality, as a pedosexual BoyLover.

How so many people try to define my sexuality, does not reflect the reality of my sexuality, nor how it manifests in the real world.

What do you know about my motives?

What do you know, about what I like?

What do you know, about how I treat others?

What do you know, about how those others respond to me?

What do you know, about how much these sexual experiences mean, to those of us [child and adult] who engage in them?

I see far to much enthusiasm, to define human behavior as “rape”…

…and this is one of the most frustrating, angering things about many feminists.

I am sorry if “you” were raped…

…I am sorry that others have been raped…

…I am sorry that others will be raped…

…This does not mean that everyone is plotting to rape you…nor that everything you think shares similarities with “rape situations”, is therefore “rape by default”.

We males do have personal, sexual control, you know?…

…We can be sexually attracted to people, without being a rape danger to them.

It has been clear to me for decades, that many feminists have a horrible problem, with sex and sexuality…and it is locked up within this “victimological psychosis”.

What do you do, when people like that feel your very presence “threatens them”…and yet, this is all a warped cognition, in their own head?

This is one of those core issues, which really speaks to why so many of us are fed up with, and infuriated by, so much of what is going on in the feminist movement.

We’ve been defined as “dangerous by default”, based on perceived potential to be dangerous [in the eyes, of those who think male sexuality is forced upon them, against their will]…and then we are marginalized out of our rights, out of equal standing and out of our voice…eventually, out of simple freedom.

The feminist movement has become incredibly dangerous, because of this.

Feminists seem to think they are entitled to all sorts of things, also…including a predatory manipulation of males.

My sexuality, is not about domination, or any sense of entitlement, however. It’s motive is really quite positive.

…but nobody will comprehend this, if all they see is “rape”, when they look everywhere.

Please note, I am not taking aim at this young lady…These are just thoughtful reactions, which her video brought out in me…I am speaking to issues, not tearing into her.

Double Standards…

Date: March 9, 2010

“These double-standards whereby some people demand protection for themselves, but complain about it for others is just plain hypocrisy… ” – anonymous

I could not agree more, with this anonymous comment.

To many people out there want it good and fair for themselves, but they could not care less, about any such equivalent for other groups/individuals.

Well said!

Indefinite Detainment of Terrorists…

Date: March 8, 2010

“A bill introduced today in the Senate would hand the government the power to indefinitely detain terrorism suspects without charge or trial, dealing a swift blow to due process and the rule of law.”

What McCain And Lieberman are up to

I think, “terrorists” are a convenient, panic inducing issue, getting exploited in order to smooth over the glaring fact…that this sort of thing is being imposed, within our system.

If they can write this into law, and enforce it in the face of the U.S. Constitution…then this sort of thing can happen to anybody…anybody at all, that gets accused of being a “terrorist”.

Some politicians, including george w. bush, have had a history of intertwining “pedophiles” with terrorism, when rambling through their mental diarrhea at the political podium.

The writing on the wall has been here, for some time…and the political “undesirables” of the United States…the “underclasses”…especially those of us who have been getting the rawest of deals, all of our lives, and who are prime for an uprising…

…Isn’t it convenient, that they have an excuse, to lay the foundation for a new system, that can just lock people up?…call them “terrorist”, and put them in a cage…

I am thinking more in line of, “domestic terrorism”…or “home grown terrorists”…

…and applying these ideas, to people who are stigmatized, and who merely are trying to communicate with the world…yet, the chronically offended amongst us will fly into a frenzy…and claim they are “terrified” of the stigmatized group(s) and people…

Is such a liberal interpretation “out of line”?…

…Is it wrong to anticipate this?

Does the Internet Live Up to It’s Potential?…

Date: March 8, 2010

…YouTube Link… (video unavailable)

…Or, maybe the question is, are the people online using the internet, to the best of their abilities?

I once thought the internet was great…and I still do, but…there is no question, it is tarnished in my mind.

We, the oppressed and disadvantaged…we have a frontier that we can use, advance in and thrive from…but, how many really do this?

…and what is the quality, of what the majority of us are doing?

I don’t want to throw stones…and I know, the internet is different things to different people…

…I still cannot see much of the content online, as being much more than a virtual wasteland…where people who have nothing constructive to contribute to the world, gather to amuse themselves…often by taring others down.

The internet does attract, the lowest common denominators amongst humans, after all…

I sometimes wonder if it is not more of a detriment to us, being online…because it means we are no longer forced to take to the streets…and show up in the flesh, angry and ready to fight for our lives, and all that is good about them.

I wonder if anyone is paying attention…and if any of this is going to mean anything, someday.

As to…

Date: March 7, 2010



While I may not be a huge supporter of boycott and censorship campaigns [in fact, I detest them], I do think this website offers a stark, relevant character reference, for Laura Schlesinger as a bigot.

Note that the actual campaign is long over, and this is merely an archive, with content of the campaigns website.

Gay & Lesbian Activists, That Just Don’t Get It…

Date: March 6, 2010



“…one of our favorite Dr. Laura quotes: “How many letters have I read on the air from gay men who acknowledge that a huge portion of the male homosexual populace is predatory on young boys?” […] and we were outraged that Paramount would give a national platform to someone intent on spreading that kind of intolerance against a class of Americans.”

Of course, nobody deserves having their character smeared, and being called “predatory”, when they factually are nothing of the sort.

…but, here is the issue…

They spend no time contesting the validity of the accusation [that said behavior is “predatory on young boys”], and merely try to distance themselves from “that kind of behavior”.

It is not a question of whether or not this “deserves” to be called predatory…Many so called progressives, buy into the pop culture intolerance, hook, line and sinker…and without any deeper, critical examination.

It is a question of whether or not, they themselves, are being associated with anything stigmatised, that might hold them back socially and politically.

The fact that calling man/boy sexual relations “predatory”, as an absolute default, is a lie, does not even factor into how or why they respond.

There is no integrity, in searching out and standing up for the truth…It is just all about retreating from the stigma and lies.

Many of these gay and lesbian groups, are all to willing to repeat these exact same lies…and propagate hate, violence and intolerance…so long as they don’t perceive it, as coming back on themselves in a bad way.

They demand that others treat them with integrity and respect, yet refuse these same dignities to others.

Astonishingly incredulous, but true.

It is not my intent to point fingers and condemn others…but, it is high time, that groups who claim to be for truth and freedom, actually stand for these things, unflinchingly across the board.

It is time they addressed the issues of political smearing aimed at all sexual minorities…and issues of integrity, honesty and respect for the life choices of others.

If they only focus on looking out for their own skewed interests, then they probably aren’t much of a supporter of freedom and honesty, in the wider sense.

This is one of the biggest tragedies, of the gay and lesbian movement.

Boys in Men’s Bodies?…


Date: March 2, 2010

01) BC Link

I’ve heard it said before…

…that once you reach eighteen, that is it…

Psychologically [not to be confused with physically], you never feel like you get any older.

In many ways, I feel like the same base person who I was, when I was in my teens…and I wasn’t so different then, from how I was younger [except I’d given up throwing fits].

The only difference today, is that I’ve been pushed past my capacity to cope so many times over [in multiple ways], that it would take an insane idiot to get in my face and cause me any more grief.

There is a surplus of people on this planet, who need a good, stiff bitch slap [maybe several dozen]…and I’m seeing a lot of them walking around me, these days.

I’ve certainly changed, in that regard…because I’m sick of the abuse…and the constant pressure/stress alters you.

Have I evolved from where I was as a boy?…

…You know, many people say I have a good character…though, frankly, I’ve been going crazy over these past few years, most especially…I still have good intent, and I care…and I am sincere…

Many people appreciate those characteristics I still possess [many of them since I was a young boy], because they are noble and true…they are desirable.

I’ve had various insecurities and phobias, which I picked up somewhere as a boy…and no matter what, I cannot seem to get rid of them…some of them are crippling under different circumstances…One day, it may mean the death of me.

Does this mean “I am still a boy”?

I don’t know what “grow up” means…

…I’ve paid enough dues, to cover an entire village of people…

I work, as though I were some sort of “bought and paid for” chattel…doing the work of two people, under insane levels of stress.

People push me as though there are no limitations…physical or emotional…and I often just cannot rise to that level of demand anymore…but, I keep getting back up, and pushing on…

…Is that “grown up”?

I keep my PlayStation 2 [and a handful of other game consoles, which largely just set collecting dust] set up, for binge playing…once every couple of months…It’s an escape…a coping tool, if you will…

Does this mean I’m not “grown up”?

You know, I get so frustrated, and disgusted…with being pulled “this” way, and then “that” way…by everyone and everything, tearing me apart, trying to force me to be, and conform to, just what they envision as “my rightful place in the world”.

I am not allowed my rightful place in this world…and I have enough insight, to know that much.

…but, I’m about as “grown up”, as I am ever going to be…

That I am a flawed human being, with obstacles that often seem insurmountable, is a testimony to the harsh world I live in…and what ways it has failed people like me.

Ultimately, I am alone…and I’ve not had anybody groom me for a life of success and lavish living…I’ve not been given tremendous breaks, or someone with power to look out for me and open doors. I don’t even have someone to be my life partner, because it is so damn complicated finding someone you can even trust.

If you want to judge me, because I am not conforming to an institutionalized model…

…then I can tell, you do not have the first inkling of experience, that would allow you to understand and empathize, with those who face this kind of crippling adversity.

Nobody needs to hear your parroting, of modern day, pop psychology mind farts, which have never held any credibility.

If you want to do something of value, then stop casting ignorant judgment, and start offering a hand of help to others.


The “Adult Sex Life” Sewer…

Date: March 02, 2010

It’s an issue I’ve written about, a number of times.

I posted one such essay here, a few years back…and wrote at least a few others [intended for my blog, or website].

Many people have a hard time separating what they view as all the pitfalls of “adult sex life”, with the dynamics of pedophilia and pederasty.

They think we want the child/teen to be a miniature adult, and take it all like an adult…and that children should be protected, from the ways that adults typically mess up their own lives.

Sex has gotten a lot of adults into trouble…

…Which comes back to my post title…

So many adults treat their sex life, like a sewer.

I think, this is largely because most of them have few limitations placed on them…and they can take it all for granted, until it catches up to them.

Meanwhile, “we” suffer the brunt of the backlash, because what so many people equate to “a sex life”, is the irresponsible behavior of others.