Does the Internet Live Up to It’s Potential?…

Date: March 8, 2010

…YouTube Link… (video unavailable)

…Or, maybe the question is, are the people online using the internet, to the best of their abilities?

I once thought the internet was great…and I still do, but…there is no question, it is tarnished in my mind.

We, the oppressed and disadvantaged…we have a frontier that we can use, advance in and thrive from…but, how many really do this?

…and what is the quality, of what the majority of us are doing?

I don’t want to throw stones…and I know, the internet is different things to different people…

…I still cannot see much of the content online, as being much more than a virtual wasteland…where people who have nothing constructive to contribute to the world, gather to amuse themselves…often by taring others down.

The internet does attract, the lowest common denominators amongst humans, after all…

I sometimes wonder if it is not more of a detriment to us, being online…because it means we are no longer forced to take to the streets…and show up in the flesh, angry and ready to fight for our lives, and all that is good about them.

I wonder if anyone is paying attention…and if any of this is going to mean anything, someday.

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