Indefinite Detainment of Terrorists…

Date: March 8, 2010

“A bill introduced today in the Senate would hand the government the power to indefinitely detain terrorism suspects without charge or trial, dealing a swift blow to due process and the rule of law.”

What McCain And Lieberman are up to

I think, “terrorists” are a convenient, panic inducing issue, getting exploited in order to smooth over the glaring fact…that this sort of thing is being imposed, within our system.

If they can write this into law, and enforce it in the face of the U.S. Constitution…then this sort of thing can happen to anybody…anybody at all, that gets accused of being a “terrorist”.

Some politicians, including george w. bush, have had a history of intertwining “pedophiles” with terrorism, when rambling through their mental diarrhea at the political podium.

The writing on the wall has been here, for some time…and the political “undesirables” of the United States…the “underclasses”…especially those of us who have been getting the rawest of deals, all of our lives, and who are prime for an uprising…

…Isn’t it convenient, that they have an excuse, to lay the foundation for a new system, that can just lock people up?…call them “terrorist”, and put them in a cage…

I am thinking more in line of, “domestic terrorism”…or “home grown terrorists”…

…and applying these ideas, to people who are stigmatized, and who merely are trying to communicate with the world…yet, the chronically offended amongst us will fly into a frenzy…and claim they are “terrified” of the stigmatized group(s) and people…

Is such a liberal interpretation “out of line”?…

…Is it wrong to anticipate this?

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