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Zoophilia N Such…

Date: April 26, 2010

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You’re going to make me blush, MWM. 🙂

In all honesty, I was not sure how well that post would be received, given the main subject matter. I actually ended up writing a long piece, for my blog, specifically dedicated to that issue…and things I had learned. I never actually posted it, though.

…cold feet…I thought it might alter to many people’s opinions about me, and throw something additional onto the shelf, to be nagged with.

No bombshells, mind you…I wasn’t announcing any personal engagement, to a Cocker Spaniel, or anything…I’m neither a practitioner, nor a promoter, of “Zoophilia”…

I just recognise some general parallels, in how that community gets treated…and how our community gets treated…

Only thing is, probably do to public apathy, they get enormous freedoms online, which we have never even known, to boldly display their sexuality, in live action video…available freely, on websites that can be googled.

I just believe in talking honestly about issues, and not doing a lot of typing, if I don’t know what I’m talking about, nor to spin my wheels in a fight with anyone…I think, my posts should serve a purpose [They’re my “mental babies” ;-)].

I think, if the evidence is there to be witnessed…then we owe it to each other, to represent it truthfully.

…Some of the things I’ve seen…really, changed my perspective…You just don’t watch a Golden Retriever, wagging it’s tale in joy, while it’s master is in the missionary position with it…and retain, previously held visions, of “what such an activity must be like”.

My current philosophy on this, is that the world is a cruel place…Many female non-human animals have the capacity to enjoy sex, and orgasm, but their non-human male counterparts, do not provide this. If a human male can do so, then who am I to claim, that this is not enhancing the life of the non-human animal [and the male human]? So long as the human male understands, this is a life choice he cannot take back, or hide…and he cannot just go around jumping into bed with anyone he pleases, after this…I say, provided they are physically compatible and there is no suffering, more power to them.

I can wrap my mind around that…It makes sense to me, no matter how freaky it is considered to be.

I probably didn’t need to expound on this…but, I wasn’t necessarily expecting “positive” response, to that post…It was a little bit of a “stepping out”, there. Thought I’d flesh it out, a bit more.

Yes, I’m very open minded, and I consider free thought, to be amongst the highest of virtues. 🙂

…and, I’m neither “right”, nor “left”…I’m just a weird hodgepodge…and I don’t think there is any political party, that even fits me.

Oh…and of course, I’m not going to attack Varkilo…He’s one of my long term, online buddies…Though, he wont come on IM, and talk to me anymore [that bitch!… ;-P]…

…Maybe it has something to do with my “endorsement of Zoophilia”?…[well..not really].

But, anyway…I think attacking people, is just counterproductive, when all you wanted to do, was successfully convey a message…and hope, that some people get something out of it.

Thank you so much, for taking the time to respond, MWM. I appreciate your words.

Oh yes, I remember…

Date: April 26, 2010

[A BC response to Will Robinson, I believe]


I remember when they were the new, big thing. Eventually, they became cheap enough, to buy with allowance money. Very desirable…sort of like an extension, of having your own tape recorder, as a kid.

I probably do have vague memories, of that case…yes.

…and I own a copy of that book, which is excellent. It’s one of the few books I own, that I just sat down and read, over a couple of settings…maybe three. Very easy, comprehendible reading.

I’m somewhat familiar with Judith Levine…In fact, some years ago, I recall watching her give a college lecture, over a satellite broadcast…It was in front of a live, classroom…and, I think filmed before her book was published…But, she was talking about her travels and research [some of the things, that actually were in the book], and how the people treated childhood sexuality.

I dare say, I’ve scantly seen anyone, talk so frankly, while so exposed, about these kinds of issues…with such clear honesty…either before then, or since.

Wonder what she is up to.

Anyway, this kind of reminds me of Debbie Nathan, also…another feminist [imagine that! :-)], who has torn into the CP myths, and the general maltreatment of human sexuality, as relates to kids.

These two women, are both a strong credit to feminism [as well as Camille Paglia]…They represent the original strain of feminism…the one that is not about raping over, everyone that is not “with them”.

“It’s good to have you back here! You always have something interesting to say, and I follow all your posts.”

Thank you, Will…This means a lot. With my blog being down [and no intentions to go back to baywords], I may be diverting my “blogging” activity away from the blogs, and putting it here…Who knows. So much of my blogging, isn’t specifically BL, though. I’ve missed posting here…I just wish, there were still a more robust, lively family of posters, like we used to have, years ago…

Sometimes, it’s hard, for a number of reasons, to just post…and, I’m working a lot…and it’s running me ragged…and things are just getting so much harder, all around…I yearn, for better days.

BC is sort of one of those anchoring points, in my life…That’s part of why I keep coming back…I feel better being here, and just being able to write.

“(And, I love your siggies, including the new one in the straw hat!!)”

You know, it’s funny…

The straw hat is great, but I’ve historically used it very little.

When I submitted the original two, “not” cleaned them up for me a bit, and made the backgrounds white and black…

I used the white one mostly, just because…it was my main choice.

The straw hat, with the black background, unofficially became the sig-pic I would use, when I was being more serious, or stern…because, it had a black background…and you know, “dark”…”dark emotions”, “dark thoughts”, and all that…I don’t know if anyone ever picked up on that, over the years…but, that’s why the straw hat, has historically made lesser appearances.

I’ve been more free about this, lately…and I’ve just been using it, outright…giving it more exposure.

I’m glad to see, that some others are still using their sig-pics…We need to keep BC, being BC.

It’s great to see you, likewise, Will…

Thank you, Porto Vino!

Date: April 26, 2010

There is no need to apologise, and diverse viewpoints are welcome. I would not post things like this here, if I did not anticipate such.

I do suggest BLs, as a free association alternative, yes…meaning, I do not support forcing these kinds of relationships, but if they were liberated, there is little question that at least a sizable minority of boys would choose to partake…especially once the taboo and stigma subsided.

“Heterosexual boys”…waddaya gonna do?… 🙂

I agree. You cannot force homosexuality…though, many heterosexuals do homosexual acts, at least once in their life…and boyhood, is a time in life, before you’re expected to embrace any strong commitment of this nature. To my mind, a boy could have entirely homosexual experiences, from the time he is 7 until he is 13 [for example], but then switch over to females…and stick with them until he dies. He would have a valid claim, when saying he is heterosexual.

“Strictly heterosexuals”, often times have many, peculiar kinks, and enjoy “masturbating” with all sorts of things…why not another males mouth?

I guess, this comes down to the old question a boy may be likely to ask…”If we do these things, does this make me gay?”

I suggest, and it has been my long time opinion…No, this does not make a boy gay…He will be, whatever he is, naturally…but, he still has the capacity, to go outside of heterosexuality and experience some deeply passionate, wonderful things.

Trying something different, does not hurt.

I would take one issue, however…and that is reducing man/boy love down to “just sex”.

This may be more accurate, for people who engage boys sexually, “under the radar”…pick up a hustler, that sort of thing.

It may be “to easy”, to romanticize the idea, of a man/boy love relationship. I’ll concede these things.

But, I reject the concept, that everything encompassed by man/boy love, is “just sex”.

The ideal may be the full relationship…and human relationships are all to human, yes…They are imperfect…but, they are still valuable, and worth having…They are worth defending.

Tell Tale Signs…

Date: April 26, 2010

…BoyChat Response…

…BoyChat Response…

It’s also a question of degree, in which indoctrination manifests itself…in addition to the question, “have you ever seen, the rest of the world?”

I think it is wonderful, that a boy of that age is a writer…and a published writer, at that.

I also think, that it is a sizable book, deeply rooted in politics…and really points towards some strongly influential adults [parents?] behind it.

As a rule, it is incredibly rare [if not unheard of], for a kid that age, to write a book of that nature, and get it published…I would be willing to wager, that there is at least one very aggressive parent behind it, making it all possible…and, likely, providing the original inspiration for it all.

Is that “wrong”?…

…Maybe that is a matter of opinion, just like whether or not child modeling pageants are wrong.

…It still leaves a generally bad feeling, in my mind.

It’s not that I think, people have no right to be conservative…it’s that I really hate deep indoctrination of kids…I hate dogma.

I hope that he broadens his horizons, and does not blindly follow a mindset, pre-chosen for him.

That’s really at the crux, of what I am expressing…though, admittedly…

…it has been my experience, that political conservatism is the chosen home, of so much intolerance and bigotry…I just think, it’s one of the worse camps, in this regards.

I think, it’s high time for the U.S. Republican party to just…die…disolve…go away…

In all fairness, I don’t have much higher opinions of the Democratic party.

Double Standards: Do You Disapprove Because His Thoughts Are Different From Yours?…

Date: April 26, 2010

[This is a continuation, after my “It’s Way too Easy, to be an Idealist” post on BoyChat.]

…I have a history, growing up in the “straight laced”, conservative home/church…complete with a “ready made” set of beliefs and ethics, for us all to parrot.

Those are the sorts of people, who overwhelmingly are showing up at the “tea party” gatherings. The movement was hijacked, by angry, religious fringe groups, fairly early on.

I think it is tragic, anyone shows up to them at all.

How do I put this into words, that really make this vivid?…

When I see young kids, being put on the pedestal at events like that…it reminds me of videos, where the westboro baptist church is out protesting, and they have their young kids with them…holding signs, and yelling/chanting…

You may think that goes to far…but, I understand how simplistically so much of that fringe group thinks…and I have a very hard time, separating the two, in any meaningful way.

A gay pride parade, by definition, is an event which people can freely come out to, or leave, of their own free will…It implies nothing, with regards to any psychological manipulation, those individuals may be living under…On the contrary, it implies a sense of self confidence, and freedom…standing for something, even if it’s not always safe to do so.

I have no problem at all, with informal, community events…

But, the “tea party” went straight into the toilet, when the religious right infiltrated it…because, their own integrity is so poor.

Heck…there are original members of the “tea party”, including a founder I believe, who have voiced disgust, over having lost that movement, to extreme right, fringe groups.

I’ll readily admit, I have issues, having grown up in such a suffocating environment, as a “pervert”…I don’t like those kinds of overbearing institutions…They are dangerous and damaging, and typically have little restraint placed upon them.

Whenever I see a young kid, who looks and sounds like some prepackaged model, of “lock step” institutionalisation…it always bothers me.

I see my own past, in a lot of them.

These kids are set up for some really hard lessons in life…and a lot of those institutions, do not adequately prepare their kids, for life in the real world…

…That does come from my personal experience.

This is why, I hate to see it.

Violent Child Pornography: When it comes to this topic…

Date: April 25, 2010

…BC Post…

…BC Post…

…and more specifically, talking about the realities of what is out there, in the “child porn world”, it really tares me up personally, not to be able to speak more frankly, and vividly, without creating the impression of self incrimination.

Most of us avoid any truly detailed discussions, of this sort…when, in fact, it is such fertile ground, demanding attention…for numerous reasons.

Not the least of which, yes…every now and then, some incredibly cruel person, does something incredibly horrible, and it gets out there into the “child porn world”.

Now, I’ve never seen dead children in pornographic material [of any sort]…though, I’ve become aware of some instances, over the years, of grown men having penetrative [vaginal/anal] intercourse, with very small children…and I can say, with conviction, that this sort of thing cannot be condemned, strongly enough.

I have been “miles away”, from anything even resembling “child porn”, for years…primarily for personal security reasons, and because I believe we need our speakers and writers [who are no good, if they are locked up in a cage]…so, I cannot really comment, on what ways “child porn” has evolved, over the past, recent years.

What I can say, is that during that time in my life, when this sort of exposure was relevant…as to the questions of violence and abuse, I was consistently left underwhelmed.

You start poking around, and looking in places…where allegedly, you have this great risk, of encountering “horrific depictions, of child rape”, etc…just to find hoards of nude shots [and bathing suits], lots of nude posing, some fondling shots, some oral sex shots…sometimes, “equal age” intercourse…sometimes, with a lot of laughing and horsing around, thrown into the mix [especially with the more experienced, say…”9 years to adolescent” range, who are unmistakably having a very fun time]…

…but, what so many in the sex abuse industry try to tell you, is “strewn all over the place”, is actually astonishingly rare.

Most people end up believing the propaganda, because they are to intimidated, to go investigate this for themselves.

This whole issue is fucked up, because it is driven underground…and nobody feels safe talking about it frankly.

I am certain, we hold substantial common ground with LEA and others, with regards to some of the content that gets made, and put out there.

If somebody anally rapes a child [for example], then something must be done about this. It must be stopped, and there must be restitution and consequence. I agree, such is good and desirable.

Yet, if a few age mates are suitably compatible, and they enjoy shagging each other [without any trauma or worry], they should be left alone…Their sexuality should be respected.

I agree with you, Will…

…Some things, we do need to take a very defined stance against…and we often fail to do so, in any concrete way.

Over my years of writing [which has generally been focused on BL social issues, and positive aspects of man/boy love…because, I think there is such a starving deficit for this kind of writing], it has occurred to me, that I’ve never really sat down and clearly mapped out specifics, of my own sexual ethics…or my political, and social visions…

So, I actually did start such a project…eventually, it may come online.

But, as I am sure you know…these kinds of expression, tend to ruffle feathers [“Drawing the line behind our own heels, are we?”]…so, it’s actually quite natural, to remain vague…and not really take a strong stance, on many explicit issues.

In a lot of ways, I think this is a stumbling point for us.

For the record, I still do not consider it right, to prosecute people for having any sorts of pictures, in their possession…not even of undeniable child rape…

…but, the actual rape, should be soundly condemned…and the person responsible, brought to justice.

There is no quarter, or haven, for that sort of behavior, in my house.

A Lot of People Would Suggest…

Date: April 25, 2010

…does it help or hinder?…

…does it help or hinder?…

A Lot of People Would Suggest…

…that I was molested, multiple times over, as a boy…

…and, one time, I frankly was…but, I do not consider myself a “survivor of child, sexual abuse”. In fact, I consider that one time, to have been trivial…there was neither injury, nor trauma…just being pissed off at the person responsible, for a day or two.

I bounced back quickly…and, yes, under the circumstances, it was just that easy.

It is a complete line of bull, to say that such never happens, or could never happen.

While I would appreciate the sentiment, that I am not evil, nor am I doing anything out of a personal malice…I do take exception, to anyone suggesting that “I am a broken human being, because someone touched my penis, before I reached the age of eighteen”.

I reject this…because it is dogmatic, simplistic thinking, which refuses to acknowledge the diversity of reality.

While it may be preferable, to have someone like that to deal with, instead of folks who want to shoot you in the head with a shotgun…this is really just a choice, between the lesser of two evils…

…and I am fed up to the gills, with being expected to make those sorts of choices.

At some point in time, I realized that shit choices, are nothing but shit choices…and I am going to take a stand, for what I actually believe is honest…

“Touched, little wees, make for broken, adult molesters”, does not qualify as honest…and I will not treat it as if it were born out of honesty.

I take offense, at the philosophy that I am somehow impaired…or, not a whole human, because of this one thing. My integrity, my intelligence, my empathy and my sense of respect, are all still intact.

Basic Practicality in Man/Boy Love…

Date: April 25, 2010

…BC Post…

…BC Post…

Since advancement of human culture, man/boy love, has always been one of the most logical, practical ways of dealing with boyhood sexuality.

Ultimately, boys have sex…and, at pretty well all age stages, once they have been placed in social environments [ie: school].

…not all boys, of course…but, certainly a high enough percentage of them, to where we know, childhood sexuality is a very real aspect of human life. Those who deny this, are simply not being honest…or displaying incompetent ignorance.

Kids, even very young kids, are being caught doing sexual things, all the time…and how many more, are never being discovered?

Some people trivialise it, saying they were “sexualised”…and it’s all just “mindless mimicking, of what they saw”…Yet, these same kids, typically exhibit a personal, sexual arousal…and a personal, sexually motivated drive, to do these things…

This is true, even when they lack the words, and the mental concepts, to be able to communicate these things.

We cannot deny, that sexuality is an inherent part of being human…and, nearly all humans are sexual beings…fully capable of receiving, and engaging, sexual intimacies and pleasures.

Kids are having sex.

Despite however many people do not like this…it happens to be true…and it happens to be true, everywhere you go.

This is because, we are biologically hardwired, to sexually mate, to have sexual companions, and to experience regular, sexual stimulation and release. Age makes little difference in this natural, inborn drive. It is like hunger for food…The drive is just part of our natural biology.

In most cultures, it is inconvenient, to have close relatives producing offspring with each other…for many reasons. And, it has become even more inconvenient, to simply have people below certain ages, producing offspring, at all [even though, this was perfectly acceptable, even desirable, in fairly recent human history].

With sexually transmitted diseases becoming a concern, the focus has been on preventing vast numbers, and ranges, of people…from doing what comes most natural to them, and what is a key factor, in leading a healthy, happy, fulfilled and confident life.

Abstinence does not work…

It simply does not work, and this has been soundly demonstrated, over and over. It only makes for ignorant children, who grow into ignorant adults…

…and these children/teens, are still having sex.

Something the Romans and Greeks understood…

It has always been more practical, to leave open the door, for a generous, sexual indulgence, in a safe and controlled context, as opposed to enforcing strict prohibition, through threat and violence.

When sex is forced underground, it still happens…sometimes, more than it would, if it were openly accepted…The only thing is, “checks and balances” are lost…and, generally more naive, less experienced, people are engaging in bad sex [sex that is not really great sex], and sometimes doing dangerous things.

A typical life path, for young boys who have sex, would include brief encounters, with several different girls.

We all knew these boys, while growing up…They were always on the lookout, for any opportunity to have sex. When they had not done it in a while, you might see them consistently begging one, or more, girls, to have sex with them. They could spend a lot of time, just chasing after sex with any willing girl.

When this paid off, of course…that boy would then employ his bragging rights, and notch off another one of the school girls, on his list…Of course, the quality of the sex, whether it was worth the cost [to all involved], and how much sex he got out of all this, are the questions of deeper importance.

For all their effort, most of these boys merely get a girl, who’s willing to get naked, and lie still on her back…just to let him get on top, and mate her.

Depending on various factors, that may be it…That may be the very last time, this boy and that girl, ever have sex again…but, they’ve already taken this step, and “chemically mixed”, so to speak.

If that boy is lucky, maybe the girl will agree to this once, or twice, more…and it would be a true, sexual boon, if it were half a dozen times.

The point is, these kinds of sexual “relationships”, are normally very limited [often, because the experience is not equally exciting, and fulfilling, for the girls], and for what little sexual fulfillment the boy is getting out of them, he is still taking the exact same level of risks, by opening himself [and the girl] up to STDs and infections, and maybe even pregnancy.

I come at this from the philosophy, that we should choose our sexual companions with care, and consideration for how likely it is, that both partners will realise maximum sexual mileage. I do not believe, that we should recklessly open ourselves up to risks, over a limited, sexual fling [which is what most boyhood sex amounts to]. I believe, we should keep the number of sexual companions we have, over a lifetime, generally low in number. I see pursuing someone like this, as an investment…intended to pay off, in a long term, sexual relationship…lasting years, and consisting of very much sex.

This model, is generally healthy…and it is practical, to the human nature.

People, including children, should have practical choices available, to freely satisfy their own sexuality [which is vital, to a humans well being, and mental stability], on a regular and frequent basis.

Because of the pitfalls, in boys having sexual flings, with half the girls in school…I think, BoyLovers should be seen, as a viable and promotable alternative, in addressing boyhood sexuality…addressing it in a free will, free association, no pressure kind of way.

…Just including it in sex education, saying “This is out there, and it’s okay”…giving it an aura of dignified respectability.

…and boys should be made aware…

…Yes, you can spend half your time, following those girls around, and begging for sex, for days on end…just to get a quick, “dead fuck”, from a girl who isn’t really into it, and doesn’t really want it…and you can open up yourself to various, unwanted things, for those poorly planned, scantly few minutes of ecstasy…

…Or, you can actually have a long term, sexual companion, who knows a lot about mind blowing, satisfying sex…and who is totally into having sex with you…This can keep you in regular, frequent sex, for years [as opposed to the half dozen or so, times you get it, via traditional methods of chasing young girls]…It can make you grow as a human being, both sexual and otherwise…and it keeps you with one companion, limiting unnecessary exposure, and preventing an unwanted pregnancy [providing the BoyLover is a man].

A BoyLover in a boys life, is an incredibly advantageous, natural resource, for any boy perceptive enough to know, when he has a good thing in front of him…

…This is “the gravy train”, for boyhood sexuality…

…and, hence, it is a very obvious choice, when looking at options, on how to bring STDs, pregnancies, rape, etc, under control, while at the same time raising boys to be sexually gifted and responsible…which brings with it, a host of other, social benefits.

Hardwired BoyLove?…

Date: April 25, 2010

“I am curious though, so I guess this means you’re in the boylove is hard wired (nothing to do with experiences or upbringing) camp?”

That is my base leaning, though I do not reject that a permissive environment, which encourages exploration, does open mental doors…which are not so easily opened, in a prohibitive environment.

For me, my sexual orientation was never anything I had to “talk myself into”…or rationalise, to make it sound good.

I did not pick up a hankering for boys, because of some boy badgering [or forcing] me into a sexual experience. It was just, always something that was natural…as if, I were a boy in every other way, except my sexual orientation…which is more akin to a typical girl’s.

I do believe in polymorphous perverse…and I do accept, that trying new things, can develop a very positive association, between that activity and ones sexual euphoria…which can force sexual arousal, upon seeing, or being reminded of, that thing.

So…I do not reject, that some people “come into the fold”, who are not necessarily, quite like myself.

But, for me, it’s always been a thing, that has just been there. I consider it totally natural, and biological…and part of our natural, “male to female” hormonal balance.

All males, are still partially female…I believe, this has great impact, on our sexuality.

A few years back, I actually wrote a post for my archived blog [which I really need to get working on, again…There’s so much completed writing, left to put up]…It is called “girls will be boys & boys will be girls” [yes, it was taken from the song, “Lola”], which expounds on the biological roots of sexual diversity…at least a bit, and in relation to hormones, and how mothers [and sequence/number of births] can effect their children’s chemical balance, etc.

I think, this…and that we all start out female, as a default, has a lot to do, with our sexual orientation…at least from the sense, of naturally picking up on other peoples pheromones, and what not.

…and I think, chemistry, is the primary foundation of our sexuality…all other influences, being secondary and complimentary.

More on “crush videos”…

Date: April 25, 2010



Child pornography, the chief justice said, is “a special case” because the market for it is “intrinsically related to the underlying abuse.”

The obvious question here…

…”and the market for crush videos, are not intrinsically related to the underlying abuse?”…

Why are these videos being made at all, if not for the thrill of watching what is being recorded, in them?

…Apparently, there is a demand for them, and mice, kittens, rats, whatever, are dying horrible deaths, because of this.

The only way I can see, how this is different…is in that animals do not have the same, legally recognised rights, as humans…so, a blind eye is being turned.