Hardwired BoyLove?…

Date: April 25, 2010

“I am curious though, so I guess this means you’re in the boylove is hard wired (nothing to do with experiences or upbringing) camp?”

That is my base leaning, though I do not reject that a permissive environment, which encourages exploration, does open mental doors…which are not so easily opened, in a prohibitive environment.

For me, my sexual orientation was never anything I had to “talk myself into”…or rationalise, to make it sound good.

I did not pick up a hankering for boys, because of some boy badgering [or forcing] me into a sexual experience. It was just, always something that was natural…as if, I were a boy in every other way, except my sexual orientation…which is more akin to a typical girl’s.

I do believe in polymorphous perverse…and I do accept, that trying new things, can develop a very positive association, between that activity and ones sexual euphoria…which can force sexual arousal, upon seeing, or being reminded of, that thing.

So…I do not reject, that some people “come into the fold”, who are not necessarily, quite like myself.

But, for me, it’s always been a thing, that has just been there. I consider it totally natural, and biological…and part of our natural, “male to female” hormonal balance.

All males, are still partially female…I believe, this has great impact, on our sexuality.

A few years back, I actually wrote a post for my archived blog [which I really need to get working on, again…There’s so much completed writing, left to put up]…It is called “girls will be boys & boys will be girls” [yes, it was taken from the song, “Lola”], which expounds on the biological roots of sexual diversity…at least a bit, and in relation to hormones, and how mothers [and sequence/number of births] can effect their children’s chemical balance, etc.

I think, this…and that we all start out female, as a default, has a lot to do, with our sexual orientation…at least from the sense, of naturally picking up on other peoples pheromones, and what not.

…and I think, chemistry, is the primary foundation of our sexuality…all other influences, being secondary and complimentary.

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