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Detroit Police Kill 7-Year-Old Girl in Her Own Home…

Date: June 01, 2010

01) News Story Here

Note: This story is featured, at 7:20, in the accompanying video.

My deepest condolences, to the grieving family and friends.

It astonishes me, the complete incompetence, displayed here.

What, exactly, was the immediate threat, which justified this kind of a raid?

They were told, before hand, that children were in the home, yet, they disregarded said information.

This is like, the issue with police taking high speed pursuit, of people in vehicles…and driving like maniacs, through residential zones, etc…

…when there really is no justification, in putting the lives of people in danger, who just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

They should have placed unmarked cars outside the home, and kept surveillance…and nabbed this guy, on his way out the door…

Instead, they wanted the “shock and awe”…to catch someone, disoriented…someone in their sleep…so, common sense went out the window.

Of course, if this guy was so dangerous, then he probably had some type of weapon within reach…and busting in like that, would have likely caused a disoriented person, to be running around the house with some form of weapon.

If they had any regard for public safety, this should have also been taken into account.

We allow far to many of the wrong kinds of people, to become police officers, in my opinion…and a lot of them are dangerous, individuals.

Even if they are not malicious, or sociopaths…simply being unsophisticated enough, to overlook reasonable alternatives, is dangerous enough to cause the worst of outcomes.

Certain prerequisite, simply are not considered, when choosing candidates in that line of work…

…logic skills and temperament, for example…

A seven year old girl was killed, because of this.

They should not have even conducted a raid, like that…

Israel Attacks and Kills Humanitarians…

Date: June 1, 2010


‘Israel is a Lunatic State’ – Finkelstein on Gaza Flotilla Attack

We will all soon live in Gaza

A few points:

Israeli military seized humanitarian ships, containing 100 thousand tons of food, medical supplies and other basic needs items.

This aid was headed for Gaza, and the Palestinians, who have been living under very harsh economic blockades, imposed upon them by Israel.

Unemployment in Gaza [amongst Palestinians] is said to be as much as 40 percent, and without international aid, these people would begin starving to death, on top of the inhumane conditions they are forced to survive under.

Israeli forces killed 19 people, aboard those ships, who many are saying were humanitarian workers.


…Over the years, especially as I’ve seen the double standards, when it comes to how certain states are treated, after they’ve committed acts of inhumanity…my opinions on Israel have changed, dramatically.

Israel gets away, with unspeakable acts of human rights abuse, especially against the Palestinians.

Israel, for some reason, has been on the United States welfare dole, for decades…a “pay off”, for being a foothold in the middle east, no doubt…and a lot of people in the middle east [and elsewhere], think of Israel, as being a puppet of the USA…

Because our so called “leaders” habitually turn a blind eye, to the terrorist acts committed by Israel…you have to know, all this crap…whatever Israel pleases to do…it is going to be dumped into our lap, in the USA…We will be blamed, by default.

I’ve been saying for years, it is time to cut Israel off, from the United States welfare dole…If need be, it is time to cut all political ties with Israel, and recognize Israel as a terrorist, rogue state.

It is time, for once in it’s entire existence, for the United Sates to finally be honest about Israel.

We are not superstitious “blood brothers”, the U.S. and Israel…

We don’t owe Israel, anything…Least of all, some blind oath of stupidity, based upon biblical lore.

It is time to stand up for reality, and in defense of what actually does matter…

What we humans do to each other, does matter…

…It matters far more, than fantasies of following Israel, to the “Disneyland of Death”.

It is time for Israel to stop milking it’s chronic status of “victim-hood”, and to face the music.

Even by biblical, old testament accounts…Israel has one of the most offensively inhumane, cruel and genocidal legacies, of any known civilization.

…Not exactly a “good” poster child, for American love and goodwill…

Why is there this tendency, to overlook what Israel has been doing, when it is so clearly something we would condemn harshly, in any other circumstances?

It is time for U.S. aid to Israel, to end…completely.

It is time, that the United States condemn the actions of Israel.

If the U.S. government says nothing, then let me say this much…

I, personally…Steve Diamond…as a U.S. citizen, condemn, in the most severe degree, all terrorist activities, committed by the state of Israel. I protest all U.S. aid and support, provided to Israel.