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Another Terrorist Threat?…

Date: June 10, 2010

01) My Goodness…

Click the below screen capture, to read it clearly.

Someone who calls themselves, “Fuck me…”, has decided to let the world know, that…

” If any man or woman ever loved at my son, my innocent son, inappropriately I will shoot him through the head…the back of his head cause I dont want to see his/her evil eyes…”

Even a bit of propagandist dehumanizing thrown in.

I think, this ruthless comment stands on it’s own, as testimony to the kinds of insanity which are going on out there.

People who think of themselves as “good”, and sometimes even proclaim themselves such, turn around and resort to terrorism [threats of extreme, murderous violence].

Maybe, I will return to this later…

…I’ve wanted to start seriously documenting, these very types of behavior, online and offline [but, mostly online, I’m sure], as I encounter them.

I think, it would be useful to have an archive of this kind of terrorism, to exhibit just how overwhelming this problem is…and just how mentally sick [and incompetently educated] so many people out there are.

…Should I bother?…

Any of you blogging about your life and interests?

Date: June 10, 2010

“Any of you blogging about your life and interests?”

01) LINK

Yes, actually…

…I’ve recently made my return to the blogosphere, in fact…after about a three month hiatus.

It drove me up the wall, in fact…I was waiting to get back into my old account, so I could retrieve some information [links, post categories, etc.], because I’d officially parted ways with baywords.com, but there was no way to gain access anyway…because the site has been down.

Luckily, I snagged what I needed, from a post cache on Yahoo!.

I’ve been spending the past few weeks, refining my “flagship” blog, and just got the links page up…

Unfortunately, there are a lot of posts, from the past year plus, yet to re-post…

This is my third time rebuilding…

…Yes, it is a labor of love… 🙂

I don’t blog quite so much about myself [memories, experiences, etc.], anymore…Not like I used to…but, there’s a good bit of that archived, on my website.

With regards to your previous post [and responses], I’ve actually been out here, pretty much all along…just bouncing around, a bit.

For me, blogging has never been a problem, security wise…I always visited hostile sites/blogs behind a proxy [sometimes, friendly ones, also]…so, even the creeps who were talking crap about me, never got any substantive information, like IP numbers. I’m more prone towards talking about issues, than dropping a lot of personal details, also.

Anonymity, is very important to me [Voltaire, is one of my heroes]…It allows me to do, what I do…Without it, I could not…It would be harder, anyway.

I don’t know if it’s been a question, of many people lacking a certain, earnest sense of gravity, or what…but, it seems to me, you need to simply be reckless [or recklessly naive], in order to out yourself, via blogging.

I mainly just stick to my own blog[s] and other accounts, and mind my own business…and maybe that’s a big part of the equation, also.

All the best…