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Are We “Doomed” to Selfishness?…

Date: June 12, 2010

01) BoyChat Thread

Okay, Mr. Negativity!… 😉

Just one question…

…What practical impact is intended, through such a message?

There is a surplus, of self defeating ideology floating around in this world…

…what use have I, for more?

For the record, I think this was a good post of yours…but, I sternly disagree, with the root message.

Sure, people are selfish…Some days, I honestly think our species deserves to go extinct, because of it’s “miserable bastard” infestation.

…I still think, there is no good reason to throw away our better visions, for the future.

There are better ways, than the crime against nature and humanity, which is happening today, all in the name of “public safety”. The question is…when will we discover, what successfully unlocks the chance for this change?…and will social mentality be hospitable, when this occurs?

Many people will say, “It is hopeless”…

…I reject that as reason, to lay down our arms, and walk away…or, cease standing for what I know to be worthy of defending and fighting for.

I want a better tomorrow, and a better future…

…It is selfish, yes…but, I’m willing to share.