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Oh, I don’t think ill of Mexico…

Date: June 21, 2010

[This is another response to the “living on social security, in another country” thread, which you may have already read…but, I thought was a worthwhile addition, here. This issue, really is something that has been on my mind, for years. I want to become an ex-patriot, at some point in my life…Living in the U.S.A., is not all it’s cracked up to be.]

I just think, there’s a lot of stereotypical stigma, surrounding the country, over situations like gangs, drugs, etc.

Obviously [or I hope so], if I didn’t personally think it safe enough, I would not entertain the idea [of living there] at all.

It’s others who I’ve shared these thoughts with, who don’t like it.

In short…I want to stop working, at some point in time…and before I fall over dead…I’d like to actually enjoy life, and have the free time to really do some things, I want/need to do.

This is really, just about the only legal option I can imagine taking place, that would give me this.

In the last five years, things have gotten so much more complicated…sustaining a nasty, spinal cord injury, which completely knocked the shit out of me…I’ve never been the same, or bounced back, since [I don’t really “walk” anymore, so much as lurch]…The levels and intensity of chronic pain since then [of which, I’ve spent to much of my life living in], are such that I never wanted to know this kind of pain even existed…Living in chronic, severe pain for weeks, even months, on end…it changes you, psychologically.

I’ve been living with screwy conditions, for just about half of my life, now [so long, it’s really driven me through some personal breaking points, because I am just sick of it, and how it limits me]…and now, I’m developing another hereditary condition, to boot…diabetes…This is hell…It’s the only real collection of things I’ve experienced, that can properly be called hell.

If I were a horse, they’d have taken me out into a pasture, and shot me by now…

Forgive me for all this blathering…but, these past few years have just been terrible, on a personal, financial, career, survival…whatever, basis.

More days than not, I just find myself wanting to lay down and die…wherever it is I am presently standing.

Consequently, I’m thinking much more deeply, over my options of possibly getting my current military disability rating greatly increased [which wont be easy, short of developing a serious, diagnosable , service related illness]…or looking into what social security benefits I may qualify for.

…and I’m also thinking, this wont add up to a lot of money.

…Which, of course, brings us back around to the best options, where the money will last the longest.

I love authentic Mexican food, by the way…even though it is terrible, for diabetics…

I’ve lost one of my great pleasures in life…eating wonderful foods [I was addicted to Italian, and Oriental, also]…This is hell…

…and some people say, “life only gets better”…

I need some option, to escape into.

This is what scares me…

Date: June 21, 2010

The issue being discussed here, is U.S. citizens taking their social security retirement checks, and living a good life in another country, where the currency exchange is heavily in favor of the U.S. dollar…

01) BC Thread Starter

02) In direct response to this

I had a general idea, of slipping across the boarder…maybe into Mexico [some place, where it would be quick and easy enough to get back into the U.S., when needed]…and setting up something like this…and, maybe, in ten years or so, washing my hands of “having to” work a job…[an endeavor, which has already put me through at least one, mental melt down, and robbed me of my psychological stability…I’m ready to be done with this bull shit…I passed my threshold to cope, with endless stress and being grossly exploited, years ago]…

Terrorism [ie: kidnappings] being what they are these days, some of my family thought it was a horrible idea.

I simply don’t see many other viable options, though…other than staying here, and dropping dead on the job, from a heart attack or something…

At this point, according to the records I’ve been sent…I should be over half way there [to a $1,200 social security check], by now…I’d get somewhere around half of that, if I became permanently disabled today and unable to work, anyway…which is nothing, but a starvation allowance, around here.

The thing which really concerns me, though…is getting settled down somewhere, and then having the financial bottom fall out, from underneath me.

If the U.S. dollar collapses [or should I just say “when”?], then it may be worth less, than the currency of the country I choose to live in.

This would be a complete disaster.

…I’m just really getting sick to death, of watching these options being pissed away…at the hands of the people, who don’t even need them, and at the detriment of those people who do.

He was largely misunderstood…

Date: June 21, 2010

01) It has been almost a year

A few years back, shortly after Ghostwriter got locked up in Mexico…I happened across a good, online, BL friend [who goes way back, with me].

He knew Ghostwriter, on a face to face basis…and explained something to me about him, which in retrospect…considering various signs over the years, should have been no surprise at all…

Ghostwriter, while functional at living and at online activity, had a substantial learning disability…which made him prone towards…well…doing unwise things, especially when influenced by others…which might explain, why he ended up in a Mexican prison.

I don’t know, if this was serious enough to call “mental retardation”, or not…but, for years, I did have an unspoken suspicion, whenever I saw some of his personal, sig-pics.

It made me feel all the more badly about his case, because so many people did keep their distance from him…because of his dangerous behaviors…[yes, I received the infamous e-mails from him also, when I first started posting on BC…So, I understand the depth of the issue].

It’s hard to say, what to do about situations like his.

His heart was pure gold…but his ability to deeply contemplate consequences, just was not there.

Despite these shortcomings…I will remember him fondly.

It’s a little known fact…

Date: June 21, 2010

…that a lot of foreigners who live in “U.S. Territories”, actually have the legal right, to live and work inside the U.S…and many of them [especially from the poverty stricken countries] do so, specifically to sign up for U.S. social security benefits…work 15 to twenty years…and then head back home, to live a comfortable life…on what, essentially, is still a small income.

A lot of U.S. social security funds go outside of our borders, because of this.

I became privy to this trend, after coming to know various couples [and communities of couples], which are sort of the “mail order bride” type…

…Where they get connected, by some established network…and correspond by letters for several months, till they decide to get married…

A lot of Philippine women do this…and they often hook up, with older, U.S. men…Once he kicks the bucket, they get his wealth…plus, they get their social security check, when they reach legal age…even if they only work a crappy, dead end job.

What a lot of people don’t know…is that in countries like that, this is actually an intentional career move…It is what a lot of them do, and how they become financially set.

I’m not implying this is wrong, or anything…They pay in, like everybody else…I’m just saying, a lot more people are signed into this system, than one might initially presume…and some of the people, in the countries you might want to move to…they have the exact same idea, with a little bit of a spin.

Sad thing…

Date: June 21, 2010

01) Responding to this post

Sad thing…

…is that they may “have to” print quadrillion dollar bills [as a replacement for ten dollar bills?], if this all keeps going as it is.

Believe me, Prometheus…I agree…

It has really infuriated me, how everybody who had a clue in the population, knew there has been something really rotten to the core, going on and leading us into this decade long [or longer?] state of financial wasting away…

…nobody would say a fucking thing about it…except the people, who were losing everything, slowly but surely…

The U.S. politicians?…The only thing coming out of their mouths, was the dicks of the wealthy big wigs, who they’ve been sucking on.

Not a single peep, while things have been absolutely horrendous, for the past four to five years…I was at my own wits end, just begging these worthless shills, to admit that something was wrong, at all.

…Then, finally, they dropped the “banking crisis” on us.

It’s hard to say what sensation I was experiencing, in that moment…because they’ve consistently refused, to acknowledge the real issues, at the core of this breakdown…but, they finally made some type of acknowledgement, that something is terribly wrong.

Admittedly, this is not so much improvement…as we’ve merely morphed into another state of political silence.

…I loathe both politics and politicians…

Life experience has taught me, that both are overwhelmingly wretched…and there is usually something rotten [and even sociopath], about those who seek such a career path.