He was largely misunderstood…

Date: June 21, 2010

01) It has been almost a year

A few years back, shortly after Ghostwriter got locked up in Mexico…I happened across a good, online, BL friend [who goes way back, with me].

He knew Ghostwriter, on a face to face basis…and explained something to me about him, which in retrospect…considering various signs over the years, should have been no surprise at all…

Ghostwriter, while functional at living and at online activity, had a substantial learning disability…which made him prone towards…well…doing unwise things, especially when influenced by others…which might explain, why he ended up in a Mexican prison.

I don’t know, if this was serious enough to call “mental retardation”, or not…but, for years, I did have an unspoken suspicion, whenever I saw some of his personal, sig-pics.

It made me feel all the more badly about his case, because so many people did keep their distance from him…because of his dangerous behaviors…[yes, I received the infamous e-mails from him also, when I first started posting on BC…So, I understand the depth of the issue].

It’s hard to say, what to do about situations like his.

His heart was pure gold…but his ability to deeply contemplate consequences, just was not there.

Despite these shortcomings…I will remember him fondly.

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