It’s a little known fact…

Date: June 21, 2010

…that a lot of foreigners who live in “U.S. Territories”, actually have the legal right, to live and work inside the U.S…and many of them [especially from the poverty stricken countries] do so, specifically to sign up for U.S. social security benefits…work 15 to twenty years…and then head back home, to live a comfortable life…on what, essentially, is still a small income.

A lot of U.S. social security funds go outside of our borders, because of this.

I became privy to this trend, after coming to know various couples [and communities of couples], which are sort of the “mail order bride” type…

…Where they get connected, by some established network…and correspond by letters for several months, till they decide to get married…

A lot of Philippine women do this…and they often hook up, with older, U.S. men…Once he kicks the bucket, they get his wealth…plus, they get their social security check, when they reach legal age…even if they only work a crappy, dead end job.

What a lot of people don’t know…is that in countries like that, this is actually an intentional career move…It is what a lot of them do, and how they become financially set.

I’m not implying this is wrong, or anything…They pay in, like everybody else…I’m just saying, a lot more people are signed into this system, than one might initially presume…and some of the people, in the countries you might want to move to…they have the exact same idea, with a little bit of a spin.

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