Sad thing…

Date: June 21, 2010

01) Responding to this post

Sad thing…

…is that they may “have to” print quadrillion dollar bills [as a replacement for ten dollar bills?], if this all keeps going as it is.

Believe me, Prometheus…I agree…

It has really infuriated me, how everybody who had a clue in the population, knew there has been something really rotten to the core, going on and leading us into this decade long [or longer?] state of financial wasting away…

…nobody would say a fucking thing about it…except the people, who were losing everything, slowly but surely…

The U.S. politicians?…The only thing coming out of their mouths, was the dicks of the wealthy big wigs, who they’ve been sucking on.

Not a single peep, while things have been absolutely horrendous, for the past four to five years…I was at my own wits end, just begging these worthless shills, to admit that something was wrong, at all.

…Then, finally, they dropped the “banking crisis” on us.

It’s hard to say what sensation I was experiencing, in that moment…because they’ve consistently refused, to acknowledge the real issues, at the core of this breakdown…but, they finally made some type of acknowledgement, that something is terribly wrong.

Admittedly, this is not so much improvement…as we’ve merely morphed into another state of political silence.

…I loathe both politics and politicians…

Life experience has taught me, that both are overwhelmingly wretched…and there is usually something rotten [and even sociopath], about those who seek such a career path.

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