This is what scares me…

Date: June 21, 2010

The issue being discussed here, is U.S. citizens taking their social security retirement checks, and living a good life in another country, where the currency exchange is heavily in favor of the U.S. dollar…

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I had a general idea, of slipping across the boarder…maybe into Mexico [some place, where it would be quick and easy enough to get back into the U.S., when needed]…and setting up something like this…and, maybe, in ten years or so, washing my hands of “having to” work a job…[an endeavor, which has already put me through at least one, mental melt down, and robbed me of my psychological stability…I’m ready to be done with this bull shit…I passed my threshold to cope, with endless stress and being grossly exploited, years ago]…

Terrorism [ie: kidnappings] being what they are these days, some of my family thought it was a horrible idea.

I simply don’t see many other viable options, though…other than staying here, and dropping dead on the job, from a heart attack or something…

At this point, according to the records I’ve been sent…I should be over half way there [to a $1,200 social security check], by now…I’d get somewhere around half of that, if I became permanently disabled today and unable to work, anyway…which is nothing, but a starvation allowance, around here.

The thing which really concerns me, though…is getting settled down somewhere, and then having the financial bottom fall out, from underneath me.

If the U.S. dollar collapses [or should I just say “when”?], then it may be worth less, than the currency of the country I choose to live in.

This would be a complete disaster.

…I’m just really getting sick to death, of watching these options being pissed away…at the hands of the people, who don’t even need them, and at the detriment of those people who do.

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