Religious Wowzers…

Date: July 24, 2010

01) Pastor Goes NUTS with HOLY SPIRIT in Front of Equality Protest [VIDEO GONE]

Account Terminated

Some years ago, I became aware of an Australian artist, who goes by the name Kevin “Bloody” Wilson…and he introduced me to the term, “wowzer”…which he used to talk about the nutty, religious people he encountered…

The title stuck with me, and I’ve decided to start using it…only, I want to make one thing clear…

…I am not going to use it, in reference to people who merely call themselves “religious”, in a generic sort of way…Those who are reasonably respectful of others who are different, and who are not pushing themselves upon others…I won’t call them wowzers…

When I say “wowzer”, I am talking about the really personally vicious, nasty, psychological cripples, who stand behind religion as a tool to abuse, or harm, other people.

The guys in the linked video, are excellent examples of wowzers…

Those two are prime candidates, for a padded room and straight jacket.


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