The Theocratic, Political Agenda…Yes, There Is!…

Date: July 24, 2010

01) Christians are OBLIGATED to be political [VIDEO GONE]

The Account Was Terminated.

I’ve talked about this very type of thing, numerous times…because I grew up in a church, where this very type of thing took place…and I was there, during the root phases, before the wowzers really became the massive, pain in the ass threat, politically…that they are right now.

Many religious people like to turn a blind eye to this type of thing, but in truth, it is plainly undeniable.

There is a ruthless movement within the christian religion, which is trying to coral, spur and herd the majority of those who identify as “christian”, into taking up a socially dangerous, theocratic agenda.

The intent of these folks [be they a minority, or not], will ultimately be the cause of hostile, culture clashes…and, perhaps, even a culture war.

In fact, many of these wowzers have already declared war on minorities, who they view as “undesirable outsiders”…What they are doing, is an aggressive act of cultural warfare.

In this linked piece of propaganda, the wowzers are even chastising other “christians”, for not joining in with them.

They are actively trying to destroy the USA [not to imply, it is not already in shambles, but they want to turn it into total hell, for a lot of us]…


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