LGBT vs. Pedophiles, Hebephiles, and Child Abusers…

Date: September 02, 2010

01) LGBT vs. Pedophiles, Hebephiles, and Child Abusers

“Why do anti-LGBT persons and groups generalize all homosexuals as pedophiles, hebephiles, and/or child molesters?

Absolute bullsh*t!

For the record gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgendered persons oppose NAMBLA and its f*cked up purpose (which is support sexual relationships between adult men and male minors under 18 and abolish age of consent laws)”


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Note: This response was written in 2016. This post is backdated, because the video is only of moderate quality.

While I agree with much of what BrownBrother27 is saying [though the disparaging comment on NAMBLA is uncalled for]…I have to point out at least one thing here…

…Being a Minor Attracted Person [MAP], is not exactly the same thing as being base variety “gay”…and being a child molester is not the same thing as being a pedophile [or a MAP]…

…All true.

There is, however, an awful lot of commonality and overlap, in the quality of life experience [social and personal], shared and experienced by both gays [and lesbians] and MAPs.

As a homosexual, pedosexual MAP…I would never suggest that other men are an appropriate replacement, for who I am attracted to…Likewise, I would not suggest gays who are into fully grown men, could all make do with children as companions.

There is a qualitative difference, between our orientations…Plus, there are social variables, which deeply complicate the lives of MAPs, which common gays no longer have to suffer under to such an extent.

So, yes…I fully agree [as I always have], that being a pedosexual BoyLover has always made me different, and somewhat alien, to mainstream gay culture.

That doesn’t mean that we don’t share many core experiences, social discriminations, abuses and cultural themes.

There should be a much deeper understanding and empathy, amongst our various groups.

We know all too painfully well, how outsiders lie about and malign us.

This may be a foreign concept for many to wrap their minds around…but the more you learn and know about MAPs, the more you realize that we don’t deserve being saddled with those stereotypes anymore than gays and lesbians do.

Beyond that…”Age appropriate” is a social construct.

…Being considered a homosexual, does not require being attracted to guys eighteen years or older…That is a politically correct, yet utterly false, definition. Real human sexuality, is not that rigid. Lots of homosexuals are attracted to people their own age and younger, prior to turning eighteen years of age…In fact, I believe that’s the norm…They don’t magically lose those attractions, just because they’ve suddenly aged into a different legally defined social status.

The abnormal alien here, is the imposing law and social pressure…which splits and keeps apart, people who would otherwise be together.

Anyone who believes otherwise, is just brainwashed.

I mean no disrespect to him…but it’s painful watching this person dance around the obvious…and act like he’s right, just because he’s presumably following the strict social script.

…And telling people to “look for someone closer to your own age”, even when they’re just a few years younger?…

…I realize a lot has happened since this video was made, with “Romeo and Juliet” laws…So I won’t dwell on that…But it still is a really sad testament, to the disgraceful state of our culture…where love and association remains a crime…and people just roll along with it, parroting the party line…Thinking nothing of the fact, that it is so very, very wrong.

Love and affection should never be punished…It should be cherished and celebrated.

NAMBLA “fucked up”?…

…NAMBLA has more honest integrity, more modern day heroes amongst it’s ranks, and more natural right and need to exist, than the majority of organizations out there today.

NAMBLA spent most of a decade, fighting a very dangerous lawsuit, which could have had wide ranging negative consequences for all of us…every single one of us, including the guy in this video.

NAMBLA should be held in high reverence…If there were any justice in this world, they would be.

There is never anything wrong with fighting social and legal oppression, fighting ignorance and hate…and standing up for love.

The promotion of love, is the highest calling available to us as human beings.

It is down right ugly and abusive, to attack an organization like NAMBLA.

The professionals shun NAMBLA, because they lack integrity…and they are spineless…and blind…and creepy, in their obsession to inflict absolute control over other people’s genitals.

Of course they distance themselves…They’re not willing to stand up and take a blow, for what is right in this world. They’d rather stand in the safety, of the majority voice…where they cant be hurt.

The person making that video, is no better than the people of NAMBLA, nor any other MAP…neither are the professionals who shun us.

Many MAPs are far better human beings, than those who attack us ever will be.

By the way…NAMBLA repeatedly refused to ostracize it’s pedophile members, despite being under great pressure to do so…Which is another heroic part of their legacy. They did not compromise their ethics and principles, nor betray people they represented, in the interest of political expediency.

This world could use one hell of a lot more organizations like NAMBLA, today…Because they actually represent something, stand for it and stand behind it.

This person badmouthing NAMBLA, is such a privileged hypocrite…NAMBLA was right there, along with all the other sexual minority groups, fighting while it was still dangerous to fight for “gay” rights…NAMBLA fought for and won, this person’s rights as a gay person, which he enjoys today…

…Yet we see this grotesque ignorance on display…By someone who imagines NAMBLA has “kept him down”…Truly unbelievable, what people will say.

He has no more right to his own sexuality, than any other human being…And has no right to look down upon, others inclined towards mutual and non-compulsory relationships…If the participants choose it freely, then it is every bit as valid as any relationship he could ever have.

I cant take watching anymore of this video…So, I’m just going to drop it here.

He even admits [in another video] to checking out school classmates in the changing room, and masturbating over it…Which says a lot about his own cognitive dissonance, I would suggest.

Apparently, this guy is autistic…which I did not know, while writing the above…Maybe it’s why I didn’t make any response, when I originally saved a link to this video…I don’t know…It’s been a long time, since I found it…There was just a lot there, which deserved a response.

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