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Wonky Recidivism Statistics…


Date: September 19, 2010

“But Marina Hammond [Stitches77] Says…”

I think it is important to keep in mind, that just because some hack with a blog, and a clearly pronounced legacy of subverting and distorting, can get her hands on a few charts and cite a few quotes [from groups/agencies, which thrive upon “child sex abuse”]…we should not be quick to persuasion.

Marina, true to form, misses the fundamental question at hand…which, when it comes to recidivism, clearly has to do with people who have been prosecuted, gone through the system, and their future behavior after the fact.

Often times, these individuals are prosecuted for a string of multiple infractions of the law [and, yes, sometimes this even includes cruel assault upon other human beings].

Typically, wherever possible…everything is laid on the table, and addressed in one prosecution…Often, much is dismissed, through plea bargaining.

“Recidivism” is what it is called, when these individuals get released from state custody…and they return to doing, whatever it was they got into trouble for.

The quotes Marina is getting [and the warped, ignorant suggestions they are giving us all], are a subversion and warping of this well established, legal understanding of “recidivism”.

Marina [and the people she quotes], apparently, wants us all to believe that if someone got caught, prosecuted, put through prison, the whole business…and they did absolutely nothing to break the law, for the rest of their lives…yet, in their later years it was discovered, that years before the actions they got prosecuted over they also violated the law, but it was never discovered…that counts as “recidivism”…

…and, of course, this line of anti-reasoning, throws the entire discussion into an unsupportable abyss of the unknown…because now, we are just chasing after phantoms.

Marina Hammond just loves playing by these kinds of terms, because it allows her to spew out any kind of venom, that she pleases…entirely without any personal type of accountability.

Personally, I do not make it a habit of quoting statistics, because I understand…there are a lot of inherent problems with statistics, especially when the concerned issues are of heated, political dispute. A tremendous amount of skewing, is typical…and, of course…as acknowledged earlier, lots of people/groups enjoy muddying the water, leaving many issues hopelessly unclear, especially to the general public.

What I can tell you, is that of the statistics compiled and presented in a non-sensational manner, which I have witnessed over my lifetime [and I am open to seeing these, from any level headed source]…overwhelmingly, I have been left with the impression [from statistics alone, and not even counting personal experiences of various types], that people like myself [those attracted sexually to children] are indisputably non-violent in their behavior towards children [with extremely rare exceptions], and factually do have a very low rate of recidivism.

Amongst the problems that we face today, is the warping of concepts and speech, to where “sexual violence” is no longer thought of, as merely acts which are of a violent nature…and “sexual abuse”, is no longer just a sex act, which includes an element of true abuse. These terms and concepts, are being applied to even demonstrably harmless activities, which are guilty of nothing more than the cold, plane fact, that some people don’t want others to be doing that.

When you criminalize entire sexual minorities, and all of their benign, often even beneficial, behavior…you pretty much have a free license, to claim anything you want, about their sexual behavior.

Overwhelmingly, what gets said will all be propaganda, hate speech and terrorism, however.

If you don’t trust “me”…then just ask the gays and lesbians, who are old enough to remember what it is like, to personally experience these politically produced nightmares.

So, “26% of sex offenders recidivate”?…

Fine, Marina…You say whatever you like…It does not matter…

You destroyed all presumption of personal credibility for yourself, years ago…so, you might as well just keep digging your hole, deeper.

…but, those of us with rational, pragmatic minds already understand…that the entire “child sex abuse” field has been hijacked, for political and social reconstructionist purposes [with various motives behind them]…This is why positive behaviors, which upon closer examination cannot be defensibly attacked, are being grouped in with the most violent of sexual assault.

It really brings your “high recidivism” statistic into a sober light, when people realize that much of the behavior that is inevitably supporting such a statistic, should not even have laws against it, in the first place.

You are just preaching your superstition, as a member in the Cult of Crotch Politics, Marina…

In your mind, happy sex is the exact same as violent sex…just because you cant wrap your, immensely small, mind around the human fact, that we all have the propensity to seek and benefit from happy sex…and many of us, even children do…

This world is much to cruel and burdensome…

Try to find some humanity within yourself…and realize, that when two people find each other, rise above outside hate…and experience a beautiful oasis of pleasure and support, within each other…This is a good thing…It helps maintain balance, well being, and it counteracts the negativity within this world…

Leave them to it, you miserable, life stealing, joy killing, wretched hag!


Follow Honesty (Narrated)…


Date: September 19, 2010

This selection from “In Self Defense: The Life and Times of An Atheist BoyLover…Memoirs and Ethos”, has been narrated by Rocco White. Please enjoy the listen, or read along if you like…or need to.

When it comes to human sexuality, follow honesty…

Let others speak, and be heard…

Don’t try to impose your own bigotries and phobias.

Where something is good to the primary participants, let it be.

Respect that people will find happiness, through venues different than what “you” might choose.

…Things need not be more complicated, than this…

So many of the “problems of pedophilia”, are not caused by pedophiles, themselves.

Instead, they are rooted within sexual superstitions, and a society which stubbornly refuses to honestly understand pedophiles, and pedophilia.

…It refuses to accept them, as a living part of itself…

Pedophiles who lash out, are reacting to this abusive hostility, psychologically abusive environment and the isolation imposed upon them.

If society were honest in its dealings with pedophiles…so, so, so much tragedy in this world, would become completely avoidable.