Can PeeJ really be THIS stupid? Apparently so…


Date: October 23, 2010

01) BoyChat Link

In case there is any doubt…

…a number of us here [myself included], have been harassed by PJ, via their wikisposure site. Nothing [the poster] brought forward, should “freak [us] out”.

I took screen captures of the page dedicated to me, in part because it is so ludicrous, and I wanted a record to remind me, what a group of complete jackasses they are…

…but, I also had a vague idea, of designing my own response page [which would have been fairly short, and to the point]…This was well over a year ago, and I’ll have to hunt that info down, if I ever work up the interest, or care, to actually put an effort into it.

I’ve started similar expose projects, on others [like Troy Riser, for example]…which I may someday finish, but…you have to understand…

…I’m not interested in getting into the mud slinging aspects, of online pedophile life…and those sorts of people, rank extremely low, on my list of important issues to engage.

For sure…cold silence is all the response they deserve, as they certainly do not deserve the satisfaction, of knowing that they made me waste both my time, and my resources, on them and their bullshit.

It is somewhat doubtful I’ll ever make the time, but…I may return to what I have gathered up, and turn it into something [tasteful, effective and intelligent].

Thing is, when I see people doing this sort of thing, my most immediate reaction is…”That was to much effort, over something, and people, that do not deserve it.”

As to the question of whether or not PJ is dangerous…that entirely depends on what “we” give them to work with.

They have had absolutely no effect on myself, at any point in time, aside from a few of them being a pestering nuisance, from my days at blogspot.

Some of us, however, have way to much information just hanging out there…and some PJ members are good at ferreting this information out. Where they become dangerous, is in that they have several, malicious, die hard, dedicated sociopaths, who will stalk, threaten, torment, call [at home or work] at all hours of the day, relentlessly work to get anyone fired from where they make their income [even harassing, threatening and intimidating people who employ them].

Many people are honestly vulnerable, to these kinds of cheap, gutless attacks.

The depths of depravity, and the fact that some of them are sickos, who get off on the “game” of tormenting, and toying with the lives of people, who they almost know will not be able to fight back…that is where the criminal organization, “perverted justice” is dangerous. They isolate vulnerable people, and work to destroy their ability to survive, as though it were a sick game.

If you are very careful, then they cannot touch you.

…To many people are not careful.


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