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Dreams [Brass]…


Date: November 20, 2010

As promised, here is the alternate version of “Dreams”, under the brass instruments filter.

Unfortunately, given the disruption in smooth service around here I was unable to post this a month or two back, when I originally had intended on doing such.

Irregardless, this is actually my preferred version [even though the strings version is beautiful], because it comes out more clearly pronounced…You get more out of this version, I think…It’s a very majestic sound, also. I lengthened this one a tad bit, so that it does not just cut off immediately, at the end…which makes it nicer.

Also, the strings version reaches a point in the latter parts, where it just seems like there is to much going on…to much conflict…That’s not true, in this version.

I hope you enjoy this.

All the best…
Steve Diamond



A Comment…


November 15, 2010

“Perverted Justice” is a “hate for profit” hate group.

They have somehow managed to take their belligerent, inhumane malice, and complete contempt for the validity and sanctity of entire classes of people [including sexual minorities], and turn it into some kind of financial profit machine.

Incredulously, NBC [the National Broadcasting Company] was paying them $100,000 to $150,000 per episode of “to catch a predator”, as “professional consultants”…

Happily, NBC has finally dropped that disgraceful series and run away from it…

If there is any justice in this world, then NBC will crash and burn, in the next few years…Things are looking very bleak for them…

As to “perverted justice”, their gravy train payday has dried up…and a lot of past karma is coming back to haunt them, in a daunting manner.

No doubt, they likely still command a substantial amount of their ill gotten blood money…but, they’re also facing a myriad of law suits…which could easily consume that money, and leave the members of “perverted justice” not only bankrupt…but debtors, with a debt they will be paying for years to come…maybe for the rest of their lives…

Here is pulling for karma, and a day of reckoning…


Perverted Justice Journal…


Date: November 15, 2010

This sub-blog is specifically dedicated to anything of interest, related to the “hate for profit” terrorist group, which calls itself “perverted justice”.

I will highlight, quote and link to a number of important news articles, summaries and investigative data, which concerns itself with the membership and activities, of the hate group “perverted justice”.

I will also give my own summaries and opinions, from time to time…and I may also highlight the opinions of others, which I find interesting.

What you find highlighted here, for the most part, should be considered important reading, to better educate yourself on the low quality of both character and integrity, possessed by the typical, rabid “perverted justice” member.