“Del Harvey”, aka Alison Shea…


Date: November 15, 2010

01) Del Harvey, Perverted Justice [Sweet Designs Magazine Cover Story]

Alison is a confirmed and very active member, of “perverted justice”…

In fact, on her blogger profile page, she describes herself as “Perverted-Justice.com Co-Administrator and Assistant Director”…this being her “occupation”…

Or, in other words…Alison is a social parasite, who has aligned herself with a malicious and belligerent hate group…

Possibly, she is one of the few people getting blood money, as a paid member of the hate group “perverted justice”.

She looks to be that young girl who has briefly showed up in front of the camera, on the “to catch a predator” series.

In one episode, it looks to be her on the phone, enticing a man to come meet with her…

Allegedly, Alison has hands on experience, with handling the “profiling” [or, hatchet job smearing, as so many of us better understand it to be] that “perverted justice” is involved with…

Whether or not she is one of the nameless gutless wonders behind the wikisposure smear “articles”, remains to be seen…Nobody who writes for that “project”, has the guts or integrity to put even an anonymous handle behind their words, accusations and reconstructions of other people’s expressions…Hence, there is zero accountability, with regards to wikisposure “authors”, and complete deniability in issues of responsibility.


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