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Wikisposure Taken Down…


Date: November 17, 2010

01) Are You Profiled On Wikisposure?

My guess…

…is that the take down likely has something to do with some law suit…

Perhaps, the Jan Kruska law suit?


Wikisposure is amongst the websites named in this case.

It seems, not much has happened since late 2009…or, no updates, anyway.

The take down might be related to this case, or another court case…It was only a matter of time, before they got taken to court over it. At the very least, they were probably advised to take it down by their lawyer.

On a personal note, I’ve wanted to go into more detail about the page they set up “about me”, for a long time [because it is a good model, for how corrupt, manipulative and deceiving they are]…but, I refused because I know they have real information about others here [and elsewhere]…Some of the people listed, are my friends…and I want to do nothing, to bring unaware minds to the attention of Wikisposures existence…primarily, on behalf of those who are outed there.

This dilemma has always been a bit under my skin…I’ve felt considerably gagged, over these circumstances.