They Wanted My Attention?…


December 12, 2010

Firstly, I would like to thank all relevant members of the hate group “perverted justice”…They have become a catalyst, and chided me to action.

I’ve been aware of this noxious hate group for many years…However, my exposure to them and experience with them has generally been at a very substantial distance…This issue was very disconnected from my own life.

You see…in earlier years past, they’d never tried to pick fights, with people like myself…the humane, intellectual pedosexuals…who were out here being a supportive, nurturing lifeline to others…and who were trying to build bridges. They used to just focus on people in chat rooms, who were looking for sex [and entrap them]…Then, for no apparent reason, they decided that people like myself are “guilty” [of something], just because we exist and we are out here making our presence known, trying to make the world a better place.

People like me became targets, simply because they hate “pedophiles”…and yes, “perverted justice” is founded on the raw emotion of hatred…Hate is the guiding principle, of this group of sociopaths.

I do recall early versions of the “perverted justice” website…with all the pictures, names, phone numbers, addresses and alleged text conversations, of people who had been duped into thinking that they were talking with an “under age” teenager, who wanted to have sex.

There were also many passing reports, and news stories…which I’ve been made aware of over the years…Some of these were actual personal accounts, from people who had infiltrated the “perverted justice” website.

I’ve known for years, that there was something very fundamentally foul about this group…but, until they decided to target me personally [as well as some of my friends], I never really had anything concrete, which I implicitly knew well, to weigh against what they were typically doing in public.

It is because they decided to take aim at me [and some of my friends], that I received a first hand lesson as to how abysmal and rotten, the integrity of “perverted justice” honestly is.

We are talking about a hate group here [and yes, they deserve to be recognised as nothing but a hate group…well, maybe a terrorist group, also], which thinks absolutely nothing of smearing the names, and defaming the characters, of anyone they happen across…who just happens to have different opinions and life experiences, from their own…but, of course, their sociopath, fixated obsession, is with “pedophiles” and any conversation dealing with “pedophilia”. If you don’t parrot “the right”, politically correct script, then you might make it onto the hit list of this hate group, also.

Their so called “wikisposure” project [which I call wiki-smear] is jam packed with misleading, out of context quotes…all of which are cherry picked, to fit into a carefully designed hatchet job, which they attack [and if possible victimise] the designated target with…

Consequentially, quite a number of us have had grossly distorted representations of our character and viewpoints, posted online as some alleged “exposure”…All of this the reconstruction of some nameless, faceless “perverted justice” coward.

That is the kind of low brow, gutter level we are talking about, when we refer to what kinds of things the hate group “perverted justice” is known for, and reviled for.

So much of what “perverted justice” members do, can only be described as pathetically juvenile, petty, warped, sick, slanderous, abusive and in some cases criminal. They have engaged in both online, and offline, terrorism.

For years, I wasn’t really sure what to say or how to respond to this group, and all the things which are so starkly wrong about it…and it’s members…I simply did not have enough intimate knowledge…Until the day of stupid luck, where one of them happened across one of my blogs…and decided they were going to pick a fight with me [as well as stalk me, and issue malicious comments bordering on death threats, on a daily basis]…A very vulgar and nasty person, I must say…Never met someone online, so belligerently abusive and foul mouthed…Soon after, I found a whole group blog, populated by these sorts of people [a group which would later be exposed, as a satellite group, made up largely of “perverted justice” members].

I have found the sheer abusiveness, maliciousness, unbridled hatred and nastiness of these people…to be in a category all it’s own…And it very much fits previous descriptions of what I have heard about them…That they are a foul group, of very vulgarly hateful people, who believe they are “justified” in doing whatever they please, in order to attain their own ends…and that “destroying pedophiles lives”, is a game to them.

Of the things I have learned about them…they do employ lies and deception frequently…and always denial, in regards to their own wrong [and illegal] actions…But, they are factually a hate group, which engages in criminal activity [of various types, and often unethical].


…They wanted my attention…

I do things in my own time, and I’ve little more than noticed that they have an “exposure” [smear] page aimed at me…This is largely why I’ve barely even acknowledge their digs and jabs at me…despite them going online, what?…two?…three years ago?…

Oh, I took a full copy of it…and I may eventually dissect it…lay it bare, so that others can understand what “perverted justice” was trying to do…

…but, I think I’d mostly like to focus on other curiosities surrounding “perverted justice”, and it’s membership…It’s quite a sordid, tangled web…

Very well…

…”perverted justice” is going to get a bit more of my attention…

They asked for it…Who am I to disappoint?


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