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Bucking the System a Bit…

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Date: December 17, 2010

Personally, I really dislike that International BoyLove Day [I.B.L.D.] has gone through so many changes, during it’s relatively short existence. While I realize, people are free to observe it as they wish, I just get the feeling that it’s been doing to much “wishy washy”, flip flopping around…in order to accommodate things, that it conflicts with.

Well, excuse me…but, isn’t I.B.L.D. important enough in it’s own right, to deserve it’s own consistency?…it’s own legacy and heritage?

I am going to stick to my principles on this one, and I’m going to observe I.B.L.D. on December 25th…even if it does obscure X-mas day…I am happy enough, to have the holiday of corporate greed fade into the background, in preference of observing a pure form of human love.

To my mind, and as an atheist, I am overjoyed to have something this time of year, which still means something to me…In a lot of ways, I.B.L.D. has become what X-mas once was to me…

I’m happy to celebrate I.B.L.D. instead of X-mas on the 25th of December, as a symbolic transition.