Dream Rider…


Date: January 3, 2011

A new piece of music, for a new year…

I’m a bit excited, because I just got my copy of Music Maker 17 the other day. I had it pre-ordered, and it was not supposed to even ship until sometime in February…and then it just sort of showed up in the mail, a few days back.

This one was a must buy, because I’ve been begging for a true saxophone synthesizer, for several years now…and this version comes with one…Finally! [Now, I want a harmonica synthesizer!]

The down side to getting this early, is that the upgrade to premium is not available yet, so I am left hanging without all the [quite a few] extra filters and special effects…which I am accustomed to having at hand. I never did upgrade 16, but that was a conscious decision…since I knew it would only be a handful of months, before 17 came out…I didn’t want to spend the money, and happily, the Vandal SX guitar filter from 16 has made the migration to the basic 17 edition…So, that’s cool!

Consequently, I’ve still been using version 15 for a lot of previous projects, because it’s the most up to date premium version I own…It’s a pain having to juggle one project, between two programs though [not that I’ve done much of that, but still]…So, I’m anxious to get 17 upgraded and be done with that. You have to understand, the premium versions come with so many extra, freaking awesome effects…that once you’ve had them…you really don’t want to go without them.

It looks like 17 is going to allow you to buy additional, specialised instrument synthesizers, as well…Though there isn’t much detail online, at the moment. It will be interesting to see what all comes out of that.

This short mix was made up of a few samples that came with Music Maker 17…

I’ve named it “Dream Rider”, because…well, it just sort of reminds me of being in a dream world…or high…whichever. 😉



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