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Line In The Sand…


Date: January 05, 2011

Hi, TinyZipper…

I need to keep this brief, as I should have been in bed hours ago…and I just sort of came to, after passing out at the keyboard…[I’m surprisingly composed and with it, though].

Think of what I did, as a public “line in the sand”…

I want the game they are playing [with regards to me anyway], to be clearly understood…and I want it documented, available and findable in a web search…which means I’ll probably find a few other places to post this type of response.

Of course, I’d fall over in shock if any of those [or other] URLs I hold control of, ever got featured on that site.

But, I just thought I’d drive home a very stark point, by exposing this damning behavior of theirs.

There is a lot to be said, about defending written erotica [and motivations behind it], also. I am not embarrassed about any of that [nor of “BC Nursery Rhymes”]…and I will acknowledge these as mine, without hesitation.

I’m not so much mad, as I’m just fed up with this flagrant contempt…and just outright devious, intentional drive to mislead the public at large. I’ve been kind of strong armed into silence, out of a sense of duty to various people [friends, etc.], who may very well be outed on that site…because I don’t want to raise wider awareness of that site, on behalf of their better interests…but, this has been going on for years, and I am tired of saying little to nothing.

So, thank you for your thoughts here…but, I’m mostly just making a move to expose something, and prove a point.