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Introduction: An Odyssey of the Koran…


Date: March 5, 2011

Islam translates into English, as the literal word “submission”.

For a wide range of reasons, I find it extremely concerning that any social ideology [including islam] might exist, with pushing it’s own dominance upon others, as it’s primary focus…and by extension, forcing others into submission to it’s own rule.

My good natured tolerance for these kinds of “religion”, has grown excruciatingly thin over the years…Or, should I say, it has been stressed, battered by those who refuse to “live and let live” [and by extension, refuse to respect the differences of others]…It has been assaulted endlessly, by the lunacy of those who claim “their invisible creature in the sky, commanded them to take a crap all over people like me”…

After escaping my own personal past with this…it deeply troubles me, not knowing what to think about islam, other than reactions from what I am seeing in “islamic” countries…and what passes as “the norm”, or even “the preferred” there.

I sometimes have a very hard time seeing islam, as anything more than a menacing, cultural threat…a new, posing bully on the horizon, which thinks it wants to saddle “me”…make me it’s slave?…

I would rather be dead, than to have to live under the type of oppressive “religion” [christianity], which I grew up in. In fact, I will sooner die, than degrade myself by going back into such an existence. I will not relinquish my dignity [nor what freedoms I do have]…I will never submit to such a thing ever again, nor accept any penalties for my rejection of such a thing.

In short…I will never be a muslim…and I do reject islam. I find it very hard, to identify the social virtues of islam…There are many troubling things about islam, which as a humanist I cannot help but condemn [executions, inhumane executions, inhumane legal penalties, gross violations of human rights, extreme violations of free speech and free will, etc, etc, etc]…These things, are far below my own standards of ethics, human decency, humanity and sense of rightness…and if these things are the result of islamic [sharia] rule…then I want nothing to do with islam.

All this being said, I still am unfamiliar with the finer points of this social ideology…and more specifically, it’s foundational text, the koran.

It may come off as a bit of a shock, coming from an atheist…but, I’ve always been somewhat fascinated, by mythelogical lore…I now know not to take it literally [unlike during my childhood and youth]…but the kind of bizarre stories and beliefs and legends which come out of it, are intriguing to me.

Sometimes, they can prove to be fun fairy tales [which I do, also, like].

You might almost say, that I approach stories and texts of “gods/angels/demons and prophets”, in the same manner as a comic book reader might look upon comic book superheros [or villains].

I’ve read the bible [and forgotten most of it…No, I am not a bible scholar]…I’ve read of pagan mythologies…and ancient Greek mythology…but I’ve never dedicated any serious time and attention, to delving deep into islamic mythology.

This new “sub blog”, represents just such a project…I want to read the koran, from beginning to end…and I intend on journalizing my honest thoughts and reactions [positive, negative or neutral], to it’s verses and passages.

In an age where we keep hearing about these so called “blasphemy laws” [where extremists want to use sharia law, in order to murder anyone who criticizes islam or the koran, and get away with these murders under the guise of “legal justice”]…I think it is important, to learn more about islam…and hold it up to very close examination…come to understand it…

As an addition…this sub-blog will also be the destination, for relevant news I find to be of interest [or concern], relating to islam, muslims, sharia, the koran, the hadith…and anything else, tied to the islamic mythology or it’s social ideologies.

Sometimes, I may post my own thoughts and writings, alone…which are concerned with islam.

This is not intended to be a hostile project…but, it is intended to be an honest journey of discovery…and weighing the fruits of islam, to my own ethical standards…As such, I will not refrain, from offering neutral responses, giving positive affirmations, or even outright condemning things about islam [or the koran, etc] which I find highly objectionable.

The “acid test” for all things islam, will be present here…but, I will strive to be fair, respectful and even handed.

We’re not dragging muslims through the mud, here…just trying to get a handle, on clearly understanding them…the texts they claim to adhere too…the predominant ideologies held, and practices pursued…the end social results, in “muslim countries”…etc, etc, etc…


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