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The Qur’an Study Template…


Date: March 6, 2011

I think…that I just might be finally content, with what I’ve designed here…

Below, is the new template, for the “Qur’an Study” version, of “An Odyssey of the Qur’an”…There will also be a sister version for commentary [Odyssey Islam], which will concern itself with islam and muslims, in the news…and personal observations, which are not directly related, to passages of the Qur’an I’m presently reading.

Anyway, the below table, represents the structure of how I am planning on progressing through the Qur’an…It is, what I am going to post and respond within, for every surah [or section of one] that I am studying, at the time.

Some of the links are dead…Most specific, the Yusuf Ali, Pickthall, Palmer and Rockwell links…

These are four different, English translations of the Qur’an…All or old, and have expired copyrights…Hence, I actually took a full copy of each…and I am going to be posting passages out of each [which I am going to back date so far, that they wont intermix with my own posts], and linking back to those posts, in the template below. This way, you can easily choose which version you’d like to view [or, view all of them], for your own informational purposes.

Alternatively, I’ve also linked to another website, where all these versions of the Qur’an [and a ton of other, religious texts] can be found…Very interesting site.

With regards to why this has taken so long…I’ve been on the fence about a number of things…

…First, I wasn’t entirely happy, with how I had this sub-blog structured…but, I think I’m okay with it, now [let me know what you think].

…Second, I honestly have been up in the air, over which version I should focus on [I’m not going to attempt juggling all four, at the same time]…The M. M. Pickthall version, was my first choice, because it is [in my opinion] more clearly worded…but, Rodwell comes with some really nice footnotes, to help explain contexts, and put things into perspective…Still, Yusuf Ali actually separates the extremely long surahs, into sections, so you have an easier way of figuring out, what points in a monstrously long surah are okay to start and stop at…and Palmer, is one of only two, that clarifies whether a surah is from the Mecca or Medina time period…

Why, oh why, cant all the convenient aspects be located in the same version?…Ugh!…

So, originally I was going to focus on Pickthall…Then I started leaning towards Yusuf Ali…but, now I think I’m just going to use Yusuf Ali as a guide, on where to start and stop, but I’ll quote the equivalent from Pickthall…and I’ll consult the other two, for timeline information…and maybe introduce some footnotes from Rodwell, if I think them relevant enough [but, I make absolutely no promises, about that last point].

See…one thing about the Qur’an, is that while most surahs [passages] are relatively short…some of them are very, very long…like, 300+ verses, long…and even the ones that go 100, or more…That is a ton of reading and summarizing…I figure, you have to take these in bite sized chunks…Though, the flip side of this coin, is that chopping it up too much, might make any “big picture” messages, harder to discern.

…But, anyway…This is going to be a good bit of work…but, I think things are falling into place…

…This has been kind of similar to my status with “In Self Defense: The Life and Times of an Atheist Boylover” project…In that, I’ve been on the fence for quite a while, because I want to bring it all here [move it here, from my website], but I’m not entirely sure how I want to go about this rather large job…I know I’m going to be treating it somewhat differently, from just a regular sub-blog…I intend on giving it it’s own blog page, with a custom index…and I want to retain the general form it has, on my website…where you just sort of get fed through the essays, from one page to the next…

So…I just thought I’d roll this out, and show it off [Ta-Da!]…If nothing else, it can serve as proof, that I’ve not abandoned this project…and I remain quite serious about it…

Oh…In addition, I’ve decided to take LOD’s suggestion…and I’m starting to round up books of the bible, for a similar [though probably less structured] project…I’ll be starting with the book of genesis…

I’m diverting off way too much, so I’ll bring this post to a close…

I hope, the following template format is agreeable, and easy to follow…

Take care, my friends!

– Steve

The template follows:

…. AJTK_KS ….

Please Note:

– You may find and follow along with these passages
(along with other koran translations), Here…
– Mecca = Early Writings
– Medina = Later Writings
– The Pickthall version was chosen, for it’s ease of
structure; but the Yusuf Ali, Palmer and Rodwell
versions will likely be quoted, also; for additional
citation, and a wider range of perspective.
– This project is explained here…

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…and a very brief summary:


Surah (passage): [PASSAGE TITLE HERE]
Mecca or Medina? Mecca / Medina



Some Practical Questions Regarding This Passage:

– What stood out most, in your mind?


– Is your natural reaction positive, negative or neutral?


– Do you see this passage as peacefully tolerant, threatening or neutral?


– Would you recommend or endorse, what is stated in this passage?


– Does this passage persuade you, towards any legitimacy of islam?


– Is this a good face for islam?



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