How do you *know*, if you have never tried?…

Date: March 25, 2011

01) Poll: How do you *know*, if you have never tried

Yes, I have…

I’ve had these exact epiphanies, in fact.

I discussed it once, years ago with another BoyLover.

I thought about the disappointment that might come, if it were…somehow lacking in passion…or anti-climactic…Or, somehow, I just could not get into it with “that” boy…

I have been told…it is better than I could ever imagine…

To me, it would be amongst the most cruel of ironies…to finally get what has been missing from your life…just to find that, you cannot truly enjoy it with your companion.

Somehow…I don’t believe that I could fail to enjoy it…

…not under the right conditions.

Because of the lack of natural exploration [in the physical sense], I would have to agree…there are many unknowns, yet to be discovered. It feels like being cheated, in every way that matters in life…This is being raped, by the system.


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