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Rodrick Rules: It Must Be Said…


Date: April 19, 2011

I loved the first “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” movie. It had enough unique, quirky character to make it genuinely funny and enjoyable…It just worked…and it was a pleasant surprise [I wasn’t sure what to expect].

The follow up is “Rodrick Rules”…

….I was prepared to have fun watching this one, and get some good, honest belly laughs [like the first one delivered]…

Unfortunately, this movie appeals to the most uncreative, cliche themes, you could ever imagine. Perhaps the book does also, I don’t know…but, it does not make for a good movie.

Oh sure, there’s one or two points where you get something unexpected…but, there’s nothing really “great” about it.

Probably, one of the saddest commentaries about this movie, is that the funniest scene/performance [in my opinion], is delivered by a transient character…the new guitarist, for Rodrick’s rock band. He got a few honest chuckles out of me, in the scene after he essentially invites himself to stay for dinner. Beyond that, this movie is barren of truly good humor.

After the first movie set the standard, this follow up…it’s like they just didn’t know where to go with it…and it meanders through a string of unimaginative scenes…When they try to be funny, they just come off dumb.

It should also be noted, that I was not alone in the theater…and members of the movies primary target demographic [children] were also in there…and the room, was starkly quiet…barren of laughs…So, I presume even they weren’t getting much out of the movie.

How they managed to get Zachary Gordon nearly naked, at two distinct sections of the movie [one, for a short sequence of scenes, ending with him in a really interesting setting position and angle shot], yet they still could not produce a worthwhile movie, is the biggest question in my mind.

…As a BoyLover who was really looking forward to this movie, that is just a travesty…

In summary, there is too much simple minded, physical and poop/vomit “humor” that this movie tries to rely on, in order to drag it through till the end. Character development is pretty well non-existent…The storyline is just paper thin…The acting was passable, but given who all they had to work with, it could have been much, much better.

Aside from getting to see Zachary Gordon in both speedos and briefs [and nothing else], I am at a loss to cite anything about this movie that made me think it was worth going to see.

Quite disappointed with this one.



How The Weirdos Behind ‘PJ site’ Blew $US1.2m…


Date: April 10, 2011

01) Original News Article

02) How The Weirdos Behind ‘PJ site’ Blew $US1.2m

I’m just waiting for the big news “shocker”…

…that gets blasted over the airwaves, when Philip gets caught with a terrified, hog tied and caged eleven year old, trapped in a dungeon room under his own home…and 39 dismembered bodies of children, buried under his home get discovered…and private diaries, detailing the grizzly details are found…

Philip is a cruel sociopath…

…Is it really such a stretch, to think that twenty years from now, he and his cronies might be behind such a thing?