Keep up the fine work!…


Date: May 31, 2011

01) put this in your pipe, absolutezerounited…

I hope you don’t mind, should I decide to cite/quote your findings…

I’m quite interested in collecting all the curious proclivities of that group…and letting it be known, what other people have to say about them.

Little known piece of trivia…

…When that terrorist hate group first formed, I was the third officially named target who they chose to focus on…So, this goes back quite a few years, and it is personal.

I’m all to happy to raise awareness to these expose projects…give them another place online, where they can be documented…garner more attention.

Cynthia…hmmmm…There’s already been a good bit of information about her out there…Isn’t she into bondage?…or was it sadomasochism?

It never ceases to amaze me…

…Lots of people have stones to throw, and there’s always something wrong with “someone else”…but never “themselves”…

The mentally unbalanced people of that group, obsessively target, stalk and hound, with extreme malice…but when their closet door swings open, you find out they like stuffing kittens up their ass for recreation…or, something equally astonishing…

Where do they get off, believing that they have any standing, to cast down judgement? They clearly do not, and never have had such.


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