4 thoughts on “Just Because…

  1. Kinder

    We love you too!! Or, speaking for myself, I do! ((Personally, I’ve never much shied away from the word in the first place, and very likely use it to an uncomfortable degree for most people; but I’ve lost people I love (haven’t we all?) who were taken far too young, far too abruptly, who weren’t even sick. One of those left-field, blindsided, random, otherwise mundane Tuesday afternoons when you’d never would’ve suspected that your life could change rather dramatically and quite permanently… (my then teenage baby sister for one). As a result, I use the socially abhorrent L-word rather liberally, and to do so with unabashed disregard for my own ego or what others may think… I’d rather err on the side of having said it when, even knowing it wasn’t returned, or even appropriate to do so, than to’ve actually wanted to say it and one of aforementioned Tuesdays robbed me of my chance and so I missed my opportunity.))

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I totally understand…I’m sorry for your loss…

      I’ve known a few young boys, who got killed being struck by a vehicle…Though, to be fair, they were more acquaintances than anything.

      Incidentally…I accidentally double posted this content…I may delete the other one…not sure.

      I’m kind of astonished I still don’t have my memorial post for one of them, published on this blog yet.

      He was a beautiful boy, of Italian heritage…Very sweet, kind and personable.

      1. Kinder

        Any missed opportunity for a sentient being to fulfill his potential in connecting with, empathizing, caring for, and loving another, to know the weight on his heart lighten at simply having eased the burden of another weary soul, any squandered chance to connect intimately with another is an odious abhorrent crime against Creation and the whole of the Universe should mark the loss and mourn.

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