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The Washington Times and B4U-ACT…


Date: November 24, 2011

01) CROUSE: Normalizing Penn State pedophilia

Revisiting this “article” again…I wrote a different, shorter response…hit the “post” button, and ran into a “just a moment” message…which failed to end…even after an hour…

…Hmmm…The first response [which really tore apart that propaganda piece] never got approved, while a bunch of other people’s responses did…

This second response [which also embarrassingly exposes that propaganda piece], so far…I’m running into a fishy problem, even getting it accepted…No message, that the moderator will view it…

Anyway…since the moderator refused my first comment, here is a new one I submitted.

We shall see, if anyone at The Washington Times has the integrity, to allow their readers to view this…

[Note: It did eventually go through, and show up!]

In light of major news providers making this sort of opinion piece available, a few things should be stated and understood.

1) This article badly misrepresents the group, B4U-ACT; both in terms of who they are, what their goal is, what they’ve accomplished and what they are doing.

2) The author of this piece [Janice Shaw Crouse], has offered a collection of words which reads curiously similar [both by innuendo, and what is strategically omitted], to what looks like a smattering of other, far right [often religious] authors’ pieces. This appears to be an intentional smear campaign, where in they are attempting to harness public outrage over the Penn State scandal, and deceptively funnel it towards B4U-ACT.

3) B4U-ACT exists, in response to both the inability of “pedophiles” to seek out competent, compassionate mental health care, and the reluctance causing barriers which so frequently keep “pedophiles” in the closet…and hence, isolated; not willing to seek out help, even when they are in mental/emotional turmoil. It also exists, to address concerns from mental health professionals, who simply don’t know [or are unprepared] to handle such cases. In addition, it promotes fact based information, while attempting to combat stereotypes, stigma and the dissemination of false information.

4) Miner Attracted Person [MAP] is a value neutral term, acknowledging only the sexual orientation of the individual; and that said orientation does not dictate the nature or behavior of the individual person. Many such people are never violent. Many never break the law. Many are actually good, decent people. This term is intended to be used, in a clinical setting…in privacy, between the “pedophile” and mental health workers.

5) It is my understanding, that B4U-ACT has rejected all notions, that current laws concerning sexual activity between miners and adults should be changed. It is also my understanding, that several members of B4U-ACT are dead set against such a campaign. B4U-ACT focuses solely on cultivating a mental health industry, which reaches out to “pedophiles”…and offers a support structure without judgment…or the probability of a destroyed life, should their orientation become publicly known.

6) If B4U-ACT is supported and allowed to thrive, they can eventually start chapters in every state…and this is a good thing. Many “pedophiles” who’ve done heinous things, were people that lived isolated lives…They had no peer/support structure, with which to take their problems and stress too. If we had such a structure in place, some amount of violence against children [including some cases of rape and murder], stands a good chance of being eliminated.

7) Given the lengths to which many people on the far right [and the left, as well] have gone, to promote child safety [as well as tenaciously assault anything/one they believe stands contrary to it]…I am astonished, that anyone of that mindset would actually try to destroy B4U-ACT, with what appears to be a blatant propaganda campaign. This type of behavior, stands entirely contrary to promoting an environment of child safety, when someone is attempting to destroy a group, which itself is trying to bring troubled “pedophiles” who cannot cope, into a support structure which works to keep them from doing something very bad.

8) No other group like B4U-ACT exists. It’s goals are ethical…They are very much worth trying.

9) Please, before you pass judgment, learn about the history behind B4U-ACT, the people in this group, and what they are factually doing. All of them, including the “pedophiles”, are real people; who are concerned about a lot of social issues…including those concerning children…including the horrible social plight of “pedophiles”, and the many continuing problems that must be addressed.