judith reisman: A Personal Comment…


January 30, 2012

One thing I’d like to say…Here is a quote, from her own biographical synopsis…

“Dr. Judith Reisman is former principal investigator for the U.S. Department of Justice, Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention study of child sexual abuse and crimes suborned by “soft” pornography, and author of several books, the newest of which is “Sexual Sabotage: How One Mad Scientist Unleashed a Plague of Corruption and Contagion on America.” More is available at Reisman’s website.”

This says a mouthful all on it’s own, about the psychology of judith reisman…

…but, just as disturbing…is the simple fact that obsessed people like her [she holds some sort of vendetta, against Alfred Kinsey…drags him and his work through the mud, habitually…when he is long dead, and cannot defend either himself, or his work (though, there is much that can be said in his/it’s defense…and about the social atmosphere, it was forced to be conducted in, as well as how that impacted him/it)]…people like judith reisman, who have abysmal integrity, can somehow slither their way into authoritative jobs with the U.S. government…positions that have influence, which can impact millions of people’s lives…and judith is not the least bit troubled, about pushing her narrow, dogmatic, extreme prohibitionist ideologies…

Experience and common sense tell me…that it is because the U.S. government is so saturated [ie: infested] with people of her type of dispositions…that we have such an abysmal state of social affairs, today…especially as relates to issues of sexual tolerance, legal standing of sexual minorities, social stigmas and discrimination…

How can any government agency function fairly, honestly and impartially, when such extreme propagandists hold vital positions within them?

…This is, in no small part, why the U.S. government is so screwed up…why it relentlessly assaults so many of us citizens…why we cannot live in peace with it [many people the likes of judith, wont let it]…why it degrades our lives, and drives us to the brink of breaking [and sometimes over the edge]…

…People like judith reisman [who have to push their nose in everybody’s lives, refusing to let people “live, and let live”], are at the root of so many problems in our society…and a lot of people like her…who ascribe to her beliefs, tactics and goals…are working within our government…This is unacceptable…There can be no social peace, in this state of affairs…because they have hijacked our government, to wage war against us.

How do these cretins get into our government?…Is it all really just as simple, as a social agenda [one of hate and intolerance], looking for “yes men”?…

The mere fact that someone like judith reisman [an obsessed, dogmatic, elitist prohibitionist, who holds sexual minorities in contempt] could even get into our government, and in such a position…that testifies how far we, as a society, have fallen…It testifies, to the state of social emergency and culture war, which the USA has been living in…and to how badly, the U.S. government needs to be reigned in…How badly, we need people of integrity and high ethics, to take control of it…and take control, away from the abusive, exploitative, lying cretins.

Next…the study on “soft pornography”, as relates to juvenile delinquency…This just screams, Dogmatic, Obsessed Bigot with an Agenda

Yes…Okay…the U.S. government does conduct scads of studies, on a mind boggling array of subjects…but “soft pornography” is such a vague, subjective thing…It’s what the far right, hostile prohibitionists endlessly scream about, yet cannot seem to substantiate their arguments…They just ram their views and intentions over it, down our throats.

Last, I’d like to point this out…

“Sexual Sabotage: How One Mad Scientist Unleashed a Plague of Corruption and Contagion on America.”

As stated above, this is the title of one of judith reisman’s books…and it’s extremely propagandist, in nature.

The “Mad Scientist” judith is referencing, is Alfred Kinsey…a man, who despite being long dead, judith enjoys relentlessly dragging through the mud, attacking him and giving twisted perspectives of his life work.

judith reisman has a long history of employing hyperbole [amongst other, yellow journalism tactics], in order to bias her readers/viewers/listeners [yes…she has been in audio and video media, as well as written books].

In once instance, not so long ago…judith equates Kinsey’s lifetime pursuit of knowledge [and documentation] on human sexuality, with “sexual anarchy”…

While it should be noted, that I myself understand the word “anarchy” in a neutral context…a lot of people have not broadened their own understanding of “anarchy”, to allow them to do the same…Hence, I think it is fair to say, judith is employing an alarmist stigma, here.

Besides…understanding, valuing and allowing sexual diversity, is not the same as anarchy…nor does studying, understanding and documenting the real sexual tendencies and interactions of real human beings, make someone a “mad scientist”.

Alfred Kinsey, it appears to me, had a lifelong interest in combating sexual phobias, stigmas and the hate and intolerance towards sexually different people…He wanted to make us understand each other better…bring us together, so we could co-exist in peace…and make our lives better…He believed, I think, that false information and lack of understanding, was damaging untold numbers of people, as well as our society.

…For this, the man has been maliciously smeared, scorned, attacked and hated by extremists…long, long after his death…

It is astonishing what happens to you, when you step forward in search of the truth…discover and bring it to the public, with the best of intentions…yet, the most narrow and intolerant of the public, don’t want anyone hearing anything about it.

Alfred Kinsey was a hero and a giant…So much so, that some people have been trying to tare him and his work down, ever since he undertook it…and they remain obsessed with this vendetta, many decades after his death.

…Shame on you, judith reisman…

…You are not even worthy, of kissing the bottom of Alfred Kinsey’s shoes…He was a far better human being, than you.


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