John Turchin…


Date: February 19, 2012

01) Turchin’s Take: No excuse for child porn

Do keep in mind…this is supposed to be a professional, mainstream news channel website.

“These people, those who “get off” looking at children, or are involved in trading, selling or taking pictures of kids naked or in sexually explicit positions, like agents suspect Bullitt was, deserve to be thrown in a jail full of the most violent criminals.

People who are sexually attracted to children are bottom-feeders, the scum of the earth. I’ve long heard every other criminal can’t stand them. So, it is my hope that they will always get what they deserve.

I say drop them all off on some deserted island with a crap load of alligators. You can throw in the rapists and child abusers, too. This world has no room for any of them… my opinion, of course. Forget about cruel and unusual punishment considerations, too. Just let them suffer — and direct our tax dollars towards taking care of the victims. After all, it’s our responsibility as parents, as a community, to protect those who can’t always protect themselves… our children.”

This is the sort of thing, so many people have become emboldened to express against MAPs…What sets this apart, is that John Turchin has used his professional career as a stage to express such dehumanizing bile.

It says a tremendous amount, whenever someone can do this and not even fear any repercussions to his social standing and career…This is his livelihood, and John did not restrain himself, for fear of any personal loss from this behavior.

People have scoffed many times over, wherever parallels have been pointed out, regarding current treatment of MAPs and the holocaust…But examples like this one, perfectly mirror the complete dehumanization of a social class, which was happening in the lead up to the holocaust.

I ask you sincerely, who deserves these words of vulgar abuse and hate, merely for daring to live, love and be loved?…

Have no doubt, that Child Love and Teen Love are a pure form of love…genuine and worthy of defense, no matter what some may say about it…


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