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I’ve Been Ordained…

Our Boy of Perpetual Joy Sanctuary

Date: March 5, 2012

01) Universal Life Church

02) Universal Life Church Monastery

As Stephen Lewis Diamond, I have been ordained as an [atheist] humanist chaplain, by the Universal Life Church Monastery.

My ordination occurred on March 5th, 2012…

The Universal Life Church has two tenets:

To promote freedom of religion.
To do that which is right.

In addition, as a humanist chaplain, I wish to promote love, tolerance, understanding and forgiveness…as well as freedom from religion [which is also implied, as a matter of choice concerning “freedom of religion”]…

All the best…

– Stephen Lewis Diamond

Proof of my receipt copy, and that my personal information and ministerial standing has been recorded in the Church database.

How nice of them, to have updated my receipt certificate with a nicer look!