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Understanding Fundamentals: The Foundation of Muslim Principles and Practices…


Date: May 28, 2012

Sharia law is based upon three, fundamental islamic texts…the koran…the sira…and the hadith…

The sira and hadith together, are known as “the sunnah”…So, sometimes you may hear a muslim talk about how sharia is based upon “the koran and the sunnah”…What this person means, is that there are three sacred muslim books, from which sharia asserts it’s authority

The koran, is alleged to have been “the absolute voice of the true god [allah]”, dictated by the angel Gabriel, to the alleged prophet mohammed…who it is further alleged, was an illiterate, himself…neither being able to read or write, yet he allegedly scribed these dictations…This, in part, is why the koran is claimed to be “a miracle”, by many muslims…[the other reason being, that it supposedly “always existed, and always will, in the mind of allah”…and by extension, “it had no writer”]…

The sira, is the biography of mohammed…a person who is claimed to be, “the perfect muslim”…someone who is looked upon, as desirable to emulate…So, it’s mohammed’s life story.

The hadith, is commonly referred to as “the customs of mohammed”…My understanding, is that it goes “hand in hand” with the sira [which is why, together they are called “the sunnah”…They are meant to be studied, alongside each other]. I’ve not read either, so I cannot give authoritative summary at this point…but, from what I have gathered, the hadith is more about focusing on how mohammed went about his daily life, and the typical things he encountered…and in great detail…A few topics I’ve seen/heard alleged to be covered, are such things as “the cutting of fingernails”, and “which shoe to put on first, in the morning”…Though I am sure, more substantive matters are addressed also.

In short…sharia is fundamentally based upon the corroboration, of these three books.


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Sharia Law: A Brief Personal Perspective…


Date: May 28, 2012

I’ve been told…that to understand islam, means the understanding of sharia law…the social laws [constitution?] and politics of the muslim world. Sharia is the real world manifestation of islam. It is based upon radically different principles and values, from that of typical, “free western cultures”…For one thing, the sharia viewpoint interprets things like human rights, freedom, good, evil, what is best for society, etc, in such a way that many would recognize it as irreconcilable with “western” type interpretations, of the same issues…

…Which is to say, that they cannot coexist without serious conflict between them…One must be chosen, over the other…One must be submissive to [and largely, or fully, nullified by] the other…

This is true, both in terms of muslims migrating to “western” countries, setting up their own ethnic communities, and living within a sort of sharia microcosm, within the boarders of their host country…and in terms of countries where sharia law is voted into authority, where prior laws and customs are either abolished [potentially becoming a punishable offense], or substantially diminished.

The latter highlights one of the more serious concerns, and cause for unrest within a number of “western” cultures…muslims who move there, but refuse to assimilate into the culture [apparently, they did not move to that culture, in order to enjoy it’s native customs, ideals and luxuries]…instead, intentionally choosing to create isolated communities and areas, where sharia law is a de facto authority, within their own private boarders…which also creates problems socially, politically and legally, within the host country…

Not at all unlike biblical law…sharia, by it’s nature, demands to rule absolutely…and above all other systems and people…All must be in submission [and “submission”, is the very meaning of the word “islam”]. If one is not muslim, then they are forced to live a diminished life, of low class status, and forced to pay a burdensome tax [presumably, for the “privilege” of using the muslims resources (roads, businesses, police protection, etc, etc), though a lot of us would call this blatant extortion, under threat and duress]…Even that diminished status, is only afforded to christians and jews…All others are not allowed to live within muslim boarders, according to sharia. Buddhists, taoists, jains, atheists, and various pagans?…according to sharia, not only may they be killed at the whim of any muslim, but muslims are commanded to commit acts of genocide against them.

Perhaps some reading this may recall, the woman who was put on trial in Saudi Arabia, for “suspicion of witchcraft”…The punishment, if found guilty, is death by stoning…

[Saudi Arabia is, allegedly, “our friend and ally”, though I cannot see it in that way, at all…Enemies of human rights, human dignity and peace, are simply enemies of all.]

…or the young woman who was stoned to death, after being raped and becoming pregnant out of wedlock…

…or the teacher arrested, and put on trial for “blasphemy”, over naming a teddy bear “mohammed”…

It is not only astonishing [and horrifying, in some cases], what is not only allowed to take place in muslim countries…but what is the norm, within their boarders

These manifestations of sharia [which is islam, in action] are happening, literally, within this day and age, in 2012…The weight of this, should not be ignored.

When it comes to making any value judgement about this matter, one must assess the conditions within states and communities, which live under this system.

Egypt is being converted to sharia law…Amazingly, the Netherlands have experienced tremendous change, at the hands of it’s growing, muslim communities…The state of the Netherlands, alone, has become a notorious focal point…and a tragedy, frankly.

Personally…I find much that I have learned about sharia, and the cultures which exist under it, to be alarming.

Sharia is certainly nothing I can see as acceptable, to exist or hold authority where I live…I see it as incompatible, with truly relevant human rights. I see it as a threat, and a menacing enemy, to all good people seeking to live dignified, quality lives.


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Yves Noel Couldrey: Interesting Film Directors Comments, About His Film “En Tu Ausencia”…

Date: May 13, 2012

Note: The links no longer work, as IMDB has done away with the discussion boards.

“In the US?
Wow, …I’m not sure there is a country I would not shoot in before the US.

I’d shoot in Saudi Arabia before the States.
Filmaking there, at least the sort of realistic film I like, is near impossible.

Their taliban-like judeo-christian morals would have police knocking at your door for daring to speak the truth about youngsters feelings, ideas, or growing up.

Also the legalities of shooting with youngsters is enough to make any director prefer working at McDonald’s.

I can imagine trying to make my next film ‘Vuelve’ (‘Come Back’) there…
(Incestuous relationship between a dead mother and her son).

They’d have me interned! “

“I WILL still be hard on the americans, because one can not be hard enough on a society with such oustadingly cruel and absurd morals as this one, that has all but sacrificed an entire generation to the service of a medieval style social hysteria. And ones they export all over the world!

Does it mean they are ALL like that? Or course not. But it is what they REPRESENT, and what they EXPORT that is the the important issue.

Part of the reason for making this film is in reaction to a grotesque morality that has changed peoples views the world over, and none of it for the better.”

DSM 5 Feedback…

Date: May 8, 2012

I remain steadfast in the stance, that any manual, organization, thought process, etc., which dictates demonstrably naturally occurring (to a considerably common degree) sexual orientations and activities to be a “disorder”, or “mental illness”, are themselves irreconcilable with honest and objective reality.

The DSM, in my opinion, has played a very tragic, villainous role, when it comes to it’s own history concerning sexual minorities. Despite that there has been some backtracking, this mode of behavior continues to linger on, but is more focused on “pedophiles” and “ephebophiles” (“hebephiles”), as the individuals, bodies and books concerned can still politically get away with employing pseudoscience against these socially vulnerable, sexual minorities.

I suggest, that if these sexual minorities ever succeeded in the uphill battle of becoming organized, politically motivated and socially powerful, your organization and it’s DSM would ultimately relent, because history has already shown us that when it comes to sexual behaviors, your primary compass the perception of “social norms”. The removal of gays and lesbians from the DSM, was truthfully a result of the deep decline in anti gay and lesbian bigotry.

It is a true shame, that sexual minorities are treated like this, in the DSM. It is further shameful, that it demands such monumental acts of organization, mobilization and political arm twisting, for any sexual minority to finally get an authoritative medical organization, to treat it with objectivity and respect.

While I acknowledge, that given the tremendous social burdens and abuses imposed upon “pedophiles”, etc., can correlate with a higher degree of psychological breakdown and mental illness (because I am a pedophile, and have much personal experience with this), and this might render us more prone towards needing psychological care on average, I fully reject any notion that the sexual orientation, itself, is a “disorder” or “illness”. In all my years, I have never encountered credible, unbiased, methodologically sound research, which has lead to the conclusion that mutually pleasurable, mutually gratifying and respectful sexual touch, leads to factual injury on the part of any participant (absent an STD, of course). This species of “injury”, has consistently centered around the question, of whether or not sexual activities associated with a sexual orientation, are culturally popular.

If a man and a ten year old boy were shipwrecked on an island, with little to no hope for rescue, there is no objective measuring stick to call it “wrong”, should those two commence in sexual fooling around with each other. Absent an intolerant society to stand in the way and burden the choice of these two, there is nothing to make these two feel as if what they were doing were “out of place”, or somehow unnatural (aside from any possible, preexisting, mental conditioning). In such an environment, such a thing could be quite vital, meaningful and beautiful. The questions in my mind, are why some societies so harshly refuse to acknowledge the inherent sexuality, in humans of all ages, and why they refuse to acknowledge the natural, social roles of “pedophiles”, etc.

Will the day ever come, when the many social problems caused from all of this sexual suppression and repression (along with the money and resources thrown at it), are acknowledged in their own right?

Ugly social truth here, is that “pedophiles”, etc., are a modern day chattel minority. Meaning, we are easily exploited scapegoats, and there are a myriad of people and platforms (media, medical, private prison-for-profit systems, etc, etc.), all to happy to make a profit at our expense and detriment. They are willing to degrade, slur and injure us in any way they can get away with, and go about pretending that “we aren’t human”, or “we deserved it”.

It seems, nobody ever sees us for the human beings, we actually are, nor that so many of us are very ethical.

With regards to someone like myself, the DSM has primarily represented little more than a social and political weapon, which eases the pathway for those who would keep people like me in chains, as if we were rabid animals. It remains a tool of oppression, for several sexual classes of human beings (not the least of which being, children themselves).

I don’t know if what I have offered here, is going to be seen as much benefit to your goals. But, living in a minority which has been saddled with some of the most ruthless, cruel stereotypical representations imaginable (even though they do not resemble people like myself), has left me with very strong, extremely deep motivations and feelings, when it comes to issues like the DSM.

You opened the door to comment, so I decided to exercise my voice.

Ted Nugent explodes at notion he’s not a moderate…

Date: May 04, 2012

01) Ted Nugent explodes at notion he’s not a moderate

On a personal note…it’s actually somewhat painful, to watch Ted Nugent go off like this…and witness his growing collection of unflattering accounts and outbursts…

I am certain, in many ways…our [his and mine] outlook on life is like night and day…and there are some things that have come to light about Ted, which I generally do not think too highly of…but I cannot get past the point, that I have over all liked Ted as a human being.

…And the Damn Yankees…Say what you want about them…”Night Ranger was too commercial and cheesy”…”STYX was way too corny”…”Ted barely did anything of significance in the industry”…Despite that some of their hits already may not have aged so well…they gave us a few really excellent gems, and at least one really good album…

I think the legacy of the Damn Yankees suffers today, mostly because of Ted’s buffoonery…

Over all…Ted comes off to me, as a well intended goofball…who might not be the most courageous or intelligent and well informed of people…but he tries to be a decent person today, in the here and now…and his wild, emotional side gets in the way a lot.

Ted played some indispensable role [as well as Night Ranger and STYX], in “the soundtrack of my life”…Possibly why I have such a hard time, dealing heavy judgement to him.

Atheist Media…


Date: May 1, 2012

01) Atheist Media Links

Note: This is the original, first post in the Atheist Media sub-blog series…It’s an introduction. Since that time, Atheist Media Links has expanded in scope…As has this series…It’s not solely about atheist podcasts.

I’d like to introduce you, not only to this new project, but also the Atheist Media Links page, linked above.

I thought I’d share with you, a few of the podcasts I’ve listened to over the years…and mix in a few others, I just recently came across.

This project will be here, for discussing atheist and humanist podcasts…and issues which specific episodes touch on…I may announce newly released episodes, also…but, no promises.

Please have fun, exploring the new links page!

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