Yves Noel Couldrey: Interesting Film Directors Comments, About His Film “En Tu Ausencia”…

Date: May 13, 2012

Note: The links no longer work, as IMDB has done away with the discussion boards.


“In the US?
Wow, …I’m not sure there is a country I would not shoot in before the US.

I’d shoot in Saudi Arabia before the States.
Filmaking there, at least the sort of realistic film I like, is near impossible.

Their taliban-like judeo-christian morals would have police knocking at your door for daring to speak the truth about youngsters feelings, ideas, or growing up.

Also the legalities of shooting with youngsters is enough to make any director prefer working at McDonald’s.

I can imagine trying to make my next film ‘Vuelve’ (‘Come Back’) there…
(Incestuous relationship between a dead mother and her son).

They’d have me interned! “


“I WILL still be hard on the americans, because one can not be hard enough on a society with such oustadingly cruel and absurd morals as this one, that has all but sacrificed an entire generation to the service of a medieval style social hysteria. And ones they export all over the world!

Does it mean they are ALL like that? Or course not. But it is what they REPRESENT, and what they EXPORT that is the the important issue.

Part of the reason for making this film is in reaction to a grotesque morality that has changed peoples views the world over, and none of it for the better.”

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