Sharia Law: A Brief Personal Perspective…


Date: May 28, 2012

I’ve been told…that to understand islam, means the understanding of sharia law…the social laws [constitution?] and politics of the muslim world. Sharia is the real world manifestation of islam. It is based upon radically different principles and values, from that of typical, “free western cultures”…For one thing, the sharia viewpoint interprets things like human rights, freedom, good, evil, what is best for society, etc, in such a way that many would recognize it as irreconcilable with “western” type interpretations, of the same issues…

…Which is to say, that they cannot coexist without serious conflict between them…One must be chosen, over the other…One must be submissive to [and largely, or fully, nullified by] the other…

This is true, both in terms of muslims migrating to “western” countries, setting up their own ethnic communities, and living within a sort of sharia microcosm, within the boarders of their host country…and in terms of countries where sharia law is voted into authority, where prior laws and customs are either abolished [potentially becoming a punishable offense], or substantially diminished.

The latter highlights one of the more serious concerns, and cause for unrest within a number of “western” cultures…muslims who move there, but refuse to assimilate into the culture [apparently, they did not move to that culture, in order to enjoy it’s native customs, ideals and luxuries]…instead, intentionally choosing to create isolated communities and areas, where sharia law is a de facto authority, within their own private boarders…which also creates problems socially, politically and legally, within the host country…

Not at all unlike biblical law…sharia, by it’s nature, demands to rule absolutely…and above all other systems and people…All must be in submission [and “submission”, is the very meaning of the word “islam”]. If one is not muslim, then they are forced to live a diminished life, of low class status, and forced to pay a burdensome tax [presumably, for the “privilege” of using the muslims resources (roads, businesses, police protection, etc, etc), though a lot of us would call this blatant extortion, under threat and duress]…Even that diminished status, is only afforded to christians and jews…All others are not allowed to live within muslim boarders, according to sharia. Buddhists, taoists, jains, atheists, and various pagans?…according to sharia, not only may they be killed at the whim of any muslim, but muslims are commanded to commit acts of genocide against them.

Perhaps some reading this may recall, the woman who was put on trial in Saudi Arabia, for “suspicion of witchcraft”…The punishment, if found guilty, is death by stoning…

[Saudi Arabia is, allegedly, “our friend and ally”, though I cannot see it in that way, at all…Enemies of human rights, human dignity and peace, are simply enemies of all.]

…or the young woman who was stoned to death, after being raped and becoming pregnant out of wedlock…

…or the teacher arrested, and put on trial for “blasphemy”, over naming a teddy bear “mohammed”…

It is not only astonishing [and horrifying, in some cases], what is not only allowed to take place in muslim countries…but what is the norm, within their boarders

These manifestations of sharia [which is islam, in action] are happening, literally, within this day and age, in 2012…The weight of this, should not be ignored.

When it comes to making any value judgement about this matter, one must assess the conditions within states and communities, which live under this system.

Egypt is being converted to sharia law…Amazingly, the Netherlands have experienced tremendous change, at the hands of it’s growing, muslim communities…The state of the Netherlands, alone, has become a notorious focal point…and a tragedy, frankly.

Personally…I find much that I have learned about sharia, and the cultures which exist under it, to be alarming.

Sharia is certainly nothing I can see as acceptable, to exist or hold authority where I live…I see it as incompatible, with truly relevant human rights. I see it as a threat, and a menacing enemy, to all good people seeking to live dignified, quality lives.


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