Understanding Fundamentals: The Foundation of Muslim Principles and Practices…


Date: May 28, 2012

Sharia law is based upon three, fundamental islamic texts…the koran…the sira…and the hadith…

The sira and hadith together, are known as “the sunnah”…So, sometimes you may hear a muslim talk about how sharia is based upon “the koran and the sunnah”…What this person means, is that there are three sacred muslim books, from which sharia asserts it’s authority

The koran, is alleged to have been “the absolute voice of the true god [allah]”, dictated by the angel Gabriel, to the alleged prophet mohammed…who it is further alleged, was an illiterate, himself…neither being able to read or write, yet he allegedly scribed these dictations…This, in part, is why the koran is claimed to be “a miracle”, by many muslims…[the other reason being, that it supposedly “always existed, and always will, in the mind of allah”…and by extension, “it had no writer”]…

The sira, is the biography of mohammed…a person who is claimed to be, “the perfect muslim”…someone who is looked upon, as desirable to emulate…So, it’s mohammed’s life story.

The hadith, is commonly referred to as “the customs of mohammed”…My understanding, is that it goes “hand in hand” with the sira [which is why, together they are called “the sunnah”…They are meant to be studied, alongside each other]. I’ve not read either, so I cannot give authoritative summary at this point…but, from what I have gathered, the hadith is more about focusing on how mohammed went about his daily life, and the typical things he encountered…and in great detail…A few topics I’ve seen/heard alleged to be covered, are such things as “the cutting of fingernails”, and “which shoe to put on first, in the morning”…Though I am sure, more substantive matters are addressed also.

In short…sharia is fundamentally based upon the corroboration, of these three books.


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