“Children/Teens Viewing Any Style of Pornography = Brain Damage”…


Date: July 19, 2012

01) Pornography Causing Teen Rape of Children

“June 5, 2012, Sun News Networks’ Michael Coren interviews Judith Reisman on The Arena.”

…And people cannot make “sober” decisions, until they’ve reached twenty five years of age…

I wonder…how much of the population is “brain damaged”, from having seen pornography, prior to the age of twenty five?

But don’t worry!…All that plasticity “brain damage”, can still be reversed just fine!…

…Which begs the question…how is this a genuine problem at all?


2 thoughts on ““Children/Teens Viewing Any Style of Pornography = Brain Damage”…

  1. Pete

    Another out-of-touch woman who thinks sex is only “making love”. However wonderful that is, and it is, sex can also be just fucking for recreational and simply fun reasons.

    As for actual porn, it is for most people fantasy but also educational. And as we are on average living much longer it helps to learn new methods to spice up our sex lives.

    For me, as long as there is consent and no genuine sadism such as real rape, then *anything* else should be allowed.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Judith is down right evil, in my opinion.

      She’s wreaked a lot of havoc in her lifetime…including surrounding “The Rind Report”…and she did her best, to undermine the success of B4U-ACT.

      Totally sad excuse for a human being…

      …And, she’s a doctor in communications…who later decided she’s “an expert in child sexual abuse”…and some self styled “expert” on “sexual deviants”…

      She’s widely considered to be a crackpot…and she attacks all forms of what she likes to call “sexual anarchy”.


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