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I am long winded…Yes, guilty…

Date: August 30, 2012

01) Post Link

“Long” is relative…My post[s] may be “long”, but in comparison to what?…brief one liners, two sentence and one paragraph posts?

Sure, I agree…In comparison to most BC posters [past, present and future], I make long posts…But this is really only because the majority tend towards puny, small posts…

I’m a slightly different animal, and this is one of my peculiarities.

The specific post [in question] is a dwarf, in comparison to a lot of posts I’ve made [on BoyChat] in the past…I just have a tendency not to write even “that” long, so much anymore.

I’ve had people call some of my posts long, and the first thing I thought…”You think that is long?”…I could dig stuff out of my archives, that tower over this…a few likely rivaling entire chapters out of typical books [in length]…It’s a “good” thing I rarely saved my early writings here…a few of them were insane long.

While I’ll admit, I could have shaved away one or two things in the post [in question]…it was in response too [and a summary of, lest the unwary be inclined to object (because mwac seems so nice and good for the board, when they have their “white hat” on)] the troll mwac…The words were justified…a longish expo, for an exceedingly burdensome troll…

If you put it in a speech synthesizer set at a normal pace…it’s about the equivalent of two minutes in speaking…

…I’m fairly well into audio media…listen to podcasts and such [and have toyed with making my own, for years]…I also use speech synthesizers frequently…which likely makes my experience with BoyChat come off somewhat differently, from that of the rest of you [who probably read most of what you find here, with your own eyes]. For me…if anybody wants to understand me…then take into account that for me, interaction at BoyChat [and elsewhere on the internet] has been indistinguishable from other forms of conversation…I treat it the same…and a piddly two minutes is nothing…really…it’s nothing…especially if the words are worth expressing.

Some people expect short and quick exchanges…They treat this experience differently, from the way I do.

Boy not allowed to say his own name in preschool…

Date: August 29, 2012

01) School asks deaf preschooler to change his sign language name

This is just crazy…

Three-and-a-half year old Hunter Spanjer, who is deaf, signs his name by crossing his forefinger and index finger and moving his hand up and down.

To his family, friends and those who know the Signing Exact English (S.E.E.) language that the Grand Island, Neb., boy uses, that gesture uniquely means “Hunter Spanjer.”

But to Hunter’s school district, it might mean something else. The district claims that it violates a rule that forbids anything in the school that looks like a weapon…

At some point you have to wonder…how do the people who arrive at these conclusions, and have to enforce them, actually live with the sheer level of insanity that their “zero tolerance” policies cause?

I don’t think I could even look at myself in the mirror, if I ever sunk to the level of doing something this asinine.

Bloviating Zeppelin Offers Their Opinion on “Who Child/Teen-Lovers Are”…

Date: August 27, 2012

01) Does This Not Amaze You? – [Warning: This is the terrorist AZU website]

“Pro-pedo means, literally, the Western Societally-blessed abilty of overweight, socially-inept, closeted, tortured, immature, undeveloped, controlling, stunted, Euro-male, miniscule-hung, living-in-mama’s house, coddled, vapid, jenune men’s unlimited ability to buttfuck little boys. This view will be enabled by various and many secular elitist overeducated elder males who wish they had they cojones or the opportunity to buttfuck their own cadre of males ranging from infant to 14 or so. Living in their mind-fantasies, their age-ranging drops dead when a minute before or beyond their preferences. These persons, in writing and in response to this blog, use the various conjured and multi-syllabic minutae of “educated” layers to bolster their belief systems.


Pro-pedo makes itself ALL about control, manipulation, lies, misdirection, false assurance, threats, confusion, uncertainty, naivete, power-over-all, maturity vs. immaturity, mind games, successful manipulation, towering over the weak of will and stature, all in the guise of enlightenment, openness, education, secularism, Godlessness, New Age expansion, illumination and, moreover, pro-pedo indoctrination.


It gets down to this:

Do you advocate the insertion of an overweight male’s penis into the anus of male children ranging from infants to their early teens?”

In typical form…we have an individual here employing true hate speech…and this is one of the oldest tricks in the book…It’s known as a red herring…or straw man…This is where you refuse to allow people to represent and talk for themselves, instead defining them in ways which are easy for you to refute and attack.

Bloviating Zeppelin completely talks around/over people like us…and merely assigns the most outrageous and contemptuously misleading of caricatures not only to us as individual human beings…but to what we allegedly stand/fight for.

Of course, after Bloviating Zeppelin has so tactically set the stage to their own liking/advantage…they don’t even have to attack further, let alone break things down…What they offered is a distorted verbal decimation and condemnation, of who/what we allegedly are…

The problem is, of course…Bloviating Zeppelin has intentionally started from a wrong position…They do not even attempt to understand us, let alone communicate with us…They just wrongly assign to us the most ludicrous and indefensible of traits.

This does not accurately represent who we are, as human beings.

…I’ve had this text saved in a folder [named “Insanity to Tare Apart”] on my PC, for several years…I was going to analyze it and try to give some kind of tasteful response to it…and I may still come back to this, and do that [because there are some huge whoppers in there]…but I came across this content the other day…

…and I thought…people should see and understand, the types and levels of pure and utter garbage and lies, which get thrown at us habitually…So much of the demeaning content above, is just rehashed stereotypical insults…the kind you can see/hear littered all across our culture, online and off…

The person who made that post has no genuine, sincere intention towards understanding people like us…They were just taking a cheap swipe at us, and making it clear early on that they stand in solidarity with the rest of the mentally unbalanced members of “absolute zero united”…which is, factually, an online terrorist hate group.

There are a number of things that can be said in response to the hate speech above…But, I will save this for a later time.

Rebuffing Hate Speech with More Hate Speech…

Date: August 27, 2012

01) Nationalism and Paedophobia

02) Direct Download Link [MP3]

A second comment I left, regarding something in this podcast episode.

Note: It may come off somewhat contradictory, that I start off by acknowledging Stacy Lynn Harp may be parroting bigoted hate speech, out of ignorance…to end up calling what she has done, the tactic of scoundrels. I acknowledge this up front, and agree that this probably could have been worded better. That being said, there is a lot of willful ignorance in this field…and many players, who dogmatically believe that their personal idea of “child safety” trumps all else. I believe it is safe to say, that Stacy falls into that category. Whether she fully realizes that she is employing a hateful stereotype, is another question…but the fact that she would so easily go negative like that, in a live interview on television, says a lot about her.

Periodically, I find myself listening to older episodes of your podcast which I’ve got on an mp3 player…and this episode came up…I see I’ve already left a response…

…but, I wanted to add another observation.

Anymore, I don’t expect people employing stereotypes and bigotry to be anything less than ignorant of the fact that they are doing so. Many people honestly believe what they are saying…in no small degree, thanks to censorship and a cultural lack of exposure to this issue, the people it involves and the plain representation of all aspects to it.

Notice the chosen words of Stacy Lynn Harp, when she tries to rebuff the point that much of what people say about us [Child/Teen-Lovers] is factual hate speech…”[…] prey on your children […]”.

Stacy employs hate speech, during her very attempt to shrug off and side step the point.

…Was she even aware enough, to realize she was doing this?…Who knows…I’ve paid a bit more attention to her [and her podcast] over the years…and she comes off as ignorant and naive to an extreme…Indoctrinated, would also be a very fair choice of word to describe her.

“Hate speech” is words employed with intent to cause harm to the standing, or well being, of another…It’s goal is typically to dehumanize others, and dismiss them to the level of depravity…danger…”a monster”…

It assigns only the worst elements to it’s targeted class…while depriving it’s target, of anything redeeming…Indeed, this practice often denies whatever good does exist in it’s target.

Stacy Lynn Harp has dictated from her bully pulpit…that we [BoyLovers and Girl-Lovers] “prey on your children”…a cliche talking point, outrageously divorced from objective reality.

“Prey” means, of course, to stalk, attack and destroy another, solely for ones own benefit.

…It is a very primal, survival pursuit…which conjures up the mental image of one animal killing and eating another.

It is outright shameful, that Stacy Lynn Harp was allowed to get away with using this kind of blatant hate speech against us.

Neither killing nor destroying a child/teen, is a natural motivator of a Child/Teen-Lover.

Her choice of wording, is intended to make us seem as irredeemable and dangerous as humanly possible.

…This tactic is despicable…and it’s amongst the primary reason, why a lot of these hate mongers [like Judith Reisman, Petra Luna, Stacy Lynn Harp, etc, etc] have garnered my ire and harsher rebuke, in more recent times.

Their pursuit is not one seeking truth or understanding…They are simply out there, to ram an ideology down everybody’s throat, at whatever cost…and they don’t care who they hurt [directly, or as collateral damage]…Indeed, some people are outright gleeful over the fact that they have hurt another person…[It has been my consistent experience, the anti-pedophile groups attract a lot of extremely malicious people]…

They are so bankrupt of integrity and good ethics, that when faced with anything good or humanizing about us, they still go back to the same dogmatic, abusive mischaracterizations about people like us, as a whole.

Hate speech is extremely destructive and hurtful, towards entire demographics of society…both directly, and collaterally…It builds social barriers, by propping up stereotypes and mentally indoctrinating [ie: brainwashing] the public.

I wish more people would clearly understand, that the primary objective of hate speech when employed the way Stacy has, is to undermined the very ability of it’s intended target, to even so much as gain their social standing/footing and authoritatively refute what is being said about them. It is intended to rob people of their voice and social standing.

When you can successfully manipulate the public ignorance like this…You create the illusion, that there is no credible refutation to your own stance…and effectively, you create an easy path for yourself…where you can say anything you please, without fear of being taken to task for it in any meaningful way.

This is why stereotypes are so valuable to certain groups of people [and so viciously defended]…If their stance is indefensible or has serious problems in it, they can still get their way by using this underhanded tactic to neutralize any opposition.

People often do not take us serious, because they believe the stereotypes about us…and people like Stacy, Petra, Judith, etc, exploit this to no end.

Hate speech is the tactic of scoundrels, who have nothing of substance or integrity to stand on.