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All Westerners are Christian?…

Date: September 18, 2012

01) The problem with the nutty Islamists

“…they are often under the impression that all Westerners are Christian and represented politically by our nuttiest Christian fundies.”

I can understand that…

…In fact, it seems some muslims have a problem with comprehending the idea of western multiculturalism…

Sure, non muslims do exist in some muslim countries, who’ve elected not to purge infidels…but, they are grossly diminished in status, cannot influence much politically, and they’re pretty well censored.

It seems hard for foreign muslims [ones who aren’t natural citizens of western countries] to comprehend the ideal of “free speech”, or why it is important.

Because of these things, it is easier to understand why muslims commonly have such narrow views, on how things are supposed to be…and why they might presume our social/political structure to be similar to their own…as in, a dominant religion ruling all.

Incidentally…because of it’s nature…I think it is obvious, that the breaking of dominant islam is imperative [just as it has been, with dominant christianity], if mankind expects to live in a world with some semblance of freedom and personal meaning.

Not surprised, no…

Date: September 18, 2012

01) Post from Hetro

Are you surprised to get a (somewhat) sympathetic statement from a mainstream person?

I think most people have the natural capacity, to understand things which are initially foreign to them.

If you are around long enough…you find that while it may be rare for people to do it in an open, committal way…every now and then, if there is a method for it, people who don’t identify with our minority will express understanding, empathy and even some level of acceptance towards us.

I’ve experienced this at times, because of my own history off of BoyChat…I’m also aware of this happening with others.

Every now and then, something uplifting occurs…and you realize, we are not truthfully all alone.

It said/claimed a number of things…

Date: September 17, 2012

01) Arab world aflame over stupid movie

“I can’t believe how the entire Arab world can take seriously such an idiotic, amateurish short film.”

It said/claimed a number of things…

…including the implication that mohammed’s followers were homosexuals, if I recall correctly.

From what I understand of the koran and hadith…much of what appears in that short film, while dramatized and mockingly presented, is accounted as historically accurate.

…his raids on caravans…his marriage/sex with the girl…his war mongering feuds…the way he apparently treated non-muslims, where islam gained the social upper hand…

At times, I’ve wondered about this strange circumstance, where the very contents of the koran [and hadith] are so very taboo…I mean, there they are…yet it’s “insulting” to acknowledge them in any critical way.

To me…that character trait in any religion/group, is deeply troubling…It tells me, that trying to get along peacefully is very unlikely.

There needs to be a sincere line of honest communication, before any understandings can even exist…and the koran, etc…absolutely must be on the table for any acid tests, right alongside any other issues.

As to the movie…People really don’t need to be belligerent jerks, and do this for the motive of provoking other people [who they know all along, will get outraged over this]…I think the movie itself, is senseless…even more so, since it looks to have introduced a few ideas about mohammed, that aren’t even in the koran, etc….

The “movie” goes so far beyond reasonable criticism, that it seems an obvious propaganda piece to outrage muslims…which makes me wonder about the motives, of the people who made it…

I was listening to a national public radio report the other day…and it seems, some vague link has been established between the person[s] behind the video, and terry jones…of “burn a koran day” infamy…Though, I guess it wasn’t too easy, to identify the actual producer of the film.

Anyway…I suspect various interests have gotten what they wanted out of this…a wedge issue…Some are claiming that the U.S. government must take responsibility for the film…This is all quite convenient, when people want vastly different cultures at each others throats.

Abusive Feminists…

Date: September 16, 2012

01) Tumblr Feminists

One fundamental problem, is that feminists of that strain have decided amongst themselves, that they are within their own rights to dominate over everybody else, and they have gone about acting accordingly.

Of course, like so many other groups, these feminists have tapped into the same mental and behavioral roots, which have caused anger, abuse, hate, war, murder, suffering and yes, rape, throughout human history.

It is self centered, and alienates others.

This is one reason, why so many of us are fed up and at our wits end, with most of what we see represented as feminist…and why there is a lot of anger at feminists.

Those kinds are not out there looking for answers to problems…They’re just out there running rampant, causing social problems.

There is utterly nothing progressive, about people who behave in that manner.

People are too quick with interpretations…

Date: September 11, 2012

01) Are people too quick to label other people?

People are too quick with interpretations…

…most especially of the predisposed, judgmental kind.

I find that I don’t so much dislike labels, even if they are stigmatized…anywhere near as I dislike it, wherever people don’t even attempt to understand [or actively refuse to understand] others…and situations where others behave, as though they had a right to deny others the ability to speak for themselves.

These two issues are very much related…but if I have the ability to explain why I embrace the word “pedophile”, there is a chance to work towards neutralizing it’s stigma.

I think it is far more important to have a culture, where people care enough to attempt understanding each other, regardless of what words are used.

It’s this knee jerk, snap judgment [“Jerry Springer”] culture, where half the people just want to finger wag and shoot their mouths off at each other, which drives me up the wall.

…Whatever happened to asking others to clarify themselves, or being mature enough to realize that we wont all agree on everything, and that there are other valid reasons apart from our own?

Well…Of Course…

Date: September 02, 2012

01) Child sex assault nets reporter four years jail

02) The News Article

“In a psychiatric assessment conducted in April and June this year, Bencze claimed the boy had approached him with the request that fellatio be performed on him. Bencze said he didn’t want to say no.

The doctor who made the assessment declared Bencze isn’t a pedophile […]”

Clearly, in a world where you’re a scoundrel if you deny/neglect a child anything that might help boost their self esteem…this guy just couldn’t bare to say “no”…when a six year old boy approached him for a cock slobbering…many, many times, over a whole bunch of years…

…I’m sure this must be quite the quandary, for “non-pedophiles”…

A chronic distortionist…

Date: September 02, 2012

01) The Post

Some people have these deep personal problems, which manifest into rotten behavior, wherever they see other people neglecting to relent and submit to them.

Often times, they have to pretend being the wiser teacher, and “one up” another in front of all, for the world to behold.

They just cant stand it, wherever they fail to beat another person down…obsessing towards that point where all others they disagree with, cower below their own tiny shadow.

Mix in foul abusive tones, and a chronic willingness to pull anything out of their own behind to throw at others…and there you have our own “cabinet maker”.

We should never expect anything sane out of this person, middy…”cabinet maker” is a distortionist…They’ve played this same game on a number of people…and thinking way back, they’ve always been this exact same “bucket of joyfulness” for BoyChat to experience.

Nobody can ever speak for themselves…Whatever gets said, means just whatever “cabinet maker” decides it means [even when it demands enormous re-interpretation]…Irregardless of what that meaning is, it will always be motivated by the most depraved and selfish emotions, and there can never be any genuine or good intent…which makes it all the easier, for “cabinet maker” to finger wave and demean others…

It’s a false victory, in a false fight…where “cabinet maker” drags the whole thing down the proverbial “rabbit hole” [no offense, middy!]…

You cannot hold communication with people like that…That kind of behavior, undermines the very idea of “coming to the table”…or even “communication”…It’s sabotage, right from the start.

There are very concrete reasons why I called “cabinet maker” a douche bag, only a handful of weeks back…I have no respect, for people who play these gutter trash games…because they have an obscene lack of respect, and basic decency, towards others.

Personally…I don’t need that sort of schizophrenic re-interpreter…and I seriously doubt anybody else does.

…This is why I don’t even read posts made by “cabinet maker”…

It’s such a small thing, to be decent towards others…to listen and respect others enough to try to understand them…and it’s pathetic and disgraceful, that some people cannot even muster “that” up, on an internet chat board.

Always wondered, in Dog n Pony shows…

Date: September 02, 2012

01) Under Fire For Nuanced Defense Of Pedophilia

02) Father Benedict Groeschel Under Fire For Controversial Child Sex Abuse Comments

Always wondered, in Dog n Pony shows…

…is it the dog that shags the pony, or the pony that shags the dog?…

This spectacle is a good example, of utter mindlessness…

…I guess it makes someone happy somewhere, to stew over these things.

Saying truthful things is so offensive, wherever it’s politically inconvenient.

My dream, is that some day humans will be allowed to do/say things which are…positively human…and there wont be hordes of uninvolved people, denouncing it as an affront to themselves and their rigid ideologies.